Gratitude for Gifts from the Sea

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Brown Kelp Sea Essence

Looking out at the sparkling serenity of the Pacific Ocean on this late summer morning I see a cluster of Brown Kelp (nereocystis luetkeana) and am immediately overwhelmed with gratitude that we, Pacific Essences, brought these amazing energies into the vibrational medicine pharmacopoeia.  Like a proud parent I reflect on the gift that this particular sea essence offers – the ability to delve deep into our unconscious to discover the source of some confusion or discomfort or some way in which our lives do not appear to be working.  And somehow just that awareness allows us to make a shift in perception to create just the change we want or need.  At a practical level, because this sea essence resonates with the Bladder channel we have used this repeatedly with patients who have bladder infections with great results.

Sand Dollar Essence

From the moment we made Sand Dollar (dendraster excentricus) in 1985, the journey of learning more about the healing properties of life from the ocean was compelling.  After the first 12 essences, which were all made in the waters surrounding Vancouver Island, proved to hold correction energy for all 12 meridians of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) we really felt like we had been given “gifts from the sea”.  Correction energy is a term used in Kinesiology, where there are certain neurolymphatic massage points and neurovascular holding points to correct a weak muscle and bring it into harmony with the whole.  But we discovered that holding a bottle of Jellyfish (aurelia aurita) corrected the energy in the muscle, subscapularis, which is related to the Heart meridian and the physical heart, and we were thrilled.

Sea Turtle Essence

We moved on to making essences in the waters of the Big Island of Hawaii – Sea Turtle, Whale, Coral, and Dolphin.  What incredible and amazing experiences these were.  Swimming with Turtles and Dolphins and connecting with Whales (Globicephala macrocephalus) was over-the-top amazing, joyful and blessed.  I remember the first experience with Turtle on the very last day of our trip.  We had seen them while snorkelling with all the amazing tropical fish, but I had not gotten close.  Coming in from my very last snorkel I saw a crowd of people on the shore and then saw this giant turtle do a somersault flip and begin swimming back out into the ocean.  I pulled down my mask and followed, and he led me out into the bay.  I was about three feet behind him the whole time and could see every detail of his beautiful shell. It felt as if he was somehow connected to my heart centre with an invisible energy cord from his heart centre.  It turned out that Sea Turtle (chelonia mydas) is indeed connected to the heart protector channel as well as the spleen channel.  As well as protecting the heart and supporting our ability to absorb nourishment via the spleen channel, it particularly addresses fear of flying.

Dolphin Essence

My first encounter with Spinner Dolphins was equally remarkable.  We were just floating in the boat when the captain said “Here they come.  Jump in.”  As we submerged and opened our eyes there was a sea of dolphins below us, al swimming in this rhythmic dance.  Apparently they were in alpha state at this time of the day = very chill and relaxed after feeding.  When I emerged, I was so far away from the boat and knew that I had not done it by myself.  For one thing when you swim with dolphins in the wild you keep your hands by your sides so you look more like them and are not threatening them in any way.  I realized that this sea of dolphins had virtually carried me.  On another occasion one of them came up to me and just looked me right in the eyes.  Unfortunately I was fumbling for my camera to get a picture so I kind of ruined the moment.  But still there was that instant where we were face to face, eye to eye, and heart to heart.  What a blessing!!!  Dolphin (stenellia longirostris) sea essence has blessed people all around the world and brought joy and happiness to people who were gloomy and depressed.  A teenage boy in France who was awaiting a kidney transplant used this essence to sustain him while he was going through dialysis four times each week.  My experience is that people feel a lighter heart and an exuberant sense of embodiment when using this sea essence.  And it especially speaks to the hearts of children.  The connection is instantaneous and like magic erases whatever troubles they may be experiencing.

Coral Essence

So how do these salty slimy beings work as essences?  Primarily the sea essences are about transformations in consciousness.  Being willing to adapt and to perceive differently, to question our ingrained attitudes and beliefs and positions.  The inspirational teacher Wayne Dyer said, “Change the way you look at things and what you are looking at will change.”  Fixed ideas are often highly detrimental to our well-being.

And what makes the Sea Essences different from the flower remedies?  A key factor is the very medium from which they come – water, specifically salt water.

Water not only makes up 75% of the planet Earth, it also comprises 75% of the human body.  It is the medium, or carrier substance, which carries the vibrations of the flower and gem essences.

Sea Essence Collection

Water is one of the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been recognized by other medical systems as not only vital to human life, but also symbolic of character and personality types.  In addition, water is a key symbol in both Tarot and Astrology.

In the Chinese medicine cosmology, Water is related to reproduction, growth, and maturation, including the development of Marrow or the brain, and Essence, which is the material basis for the Mind.  Herein lies its first association with transformation of consciousness.

When we are aligned with our own inner consciousness we create our own reality rather than following someone else’s myths.  We are enabled to perform “right action” in tune with our own inner knowingness and direction.

In Chinese medicine, the emotional characteristic associated with Water is fear.  Fear is the obstacle which blocks expression of our true selves.  Have you ever noticed that when you are coming from a place of total harmony within, there are no obstacles to action?

At the level of spirit, Water is related to Chih, the psychic strength which leads us through obstacles to growth.  As Lao Tsu said:

Whale Essence

“Under heaven nothing is more soft and yielding than water.

Yet for attacking the solid and strong, nothing is more powerful;

It has no equal.”

Think about it.  Water wears away rock and water always finds a way to keep flowing.

Archetypically Water is the symbol of the unconscious.

The Sea Essences, by their very nature, expose the unconscious and strengthen consciousness to move forward in its own unique unfolding.  They are dynamic and act quickly to help us to flow with inner strength and knowingness.

Perhaps the rigidity of our fears and unexamined myths and beliefs can only be transformed by the Yin qualities of Water, for by its very nature it demands and challenges us to “let go” into the direction of our own being.  And isn’t “letting go” into life our first act as we claim human form when we leave the safe watery amniotic fluid of our mother’s womb and embrace life on earth?

With love and blessings,



Sea Essence Kit

PS - The first 12 Sea Essences (Kit 4) have one essence for each of the 12 meridians and can be used to correct imbalances in their correlate meridians in the same way as we can make corrections with acupuncture or kinesiology. The second 12 Sea Essences (Kit 5) are more about expanding our own unique potential and were given to us to help humans to refine their nervous and electrical systems to expand into new dimensions of being.  When we work with Diatoms to repattern cellular memory, or Coral to support neuroplasticity of the brain or Sea Horse to fortify the life force within and to nourish the central nervous system, we begin to realize what a generous gift these essences really are.

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