Pacific Essences - Kit 5 - Sea Essences

Kit 5 - Sea Essences (12 x 7.5 ML)

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The second kit of sea essences offers a range of frequencies which complement and go beyond the first kit. Kit 4 was our initial adventure into the potential of vibrational remedies from the plants and creatures who make their home in the Pacific ocean. These remedies are often described as a "wake up call", an opportunity to transcend our self made constructs of reality and to achieve greater perspective on who we really are. They offered a special gift of healing in that each of the 12 essences had a resonance with a different one of the 12 meridians of Chinese medicine. They have proven to be effective and powerful healing tools.

Kit 5 contains more sea creatures, large mammals like dolphin, whale, and sea turtle. Connecting with these amazing beings in their natural habitat and getting close enough to them to make an essence was truly a blessed experience. As we began to research the potential of each of these essences it became clear that many of them have been given to us at this time because of their ability to help humans refine their nervous and electrical systems to expand into new dimensions of being. When we work with Diatom to repattern cellular memory or Sea Horse to fortify the life force within and to nourish the central nervous system, we begin to realize what a generous gift these essences really are.

Indeed, as we work with them and our own abilities mature, I am sure that these essences will lead us to increasing self understanding as well as a much deeper appreciation for what they offer the human realm at this time.

Kit 5 contains 12 individual essences:

CHITON mopalia muscosa - for gentleness which serves to break up and to dissolve blockages and tension

CORAL pocillopora meandrina - for living in community; respect for self and others

DIATOMS amphipleura pellucida - repatterning cellular memory; letting in the light

DOLPHIN stenella longirostris - appreciation for 'all that is'; playful, lighthearted; inter species communication

HERMIT CRAB pagurus granosimanus - the ability to enjoy 'alone-ness'; contentment & sensitivity

RAINBOW KELP iridaea cordata - alignment of front and back brain i.e. reactivity and sensibility; alchemical transformation

SEA HORSE hippocampus - energizing the spine and central nervous system; accessing the 'wild one' within

SEA LETTUCE ulva lactuca - embracing and healing the shadow; for dispersal and elimination of toxins

SEA TURTLE chelonia mydas - for persistence, grace, commitment

SPONGE myxilla incrustans - everything is unfolding in perfection; nothing happens to me without my consent

"STAGHORN" ALGAE lessoniopsis littoralis - holding ground (sense of self) amidst turbulence and confusion; accessing higher consciousness

WHALE globicephala macrocephalus - enhances ability to communicate through vibration and sound; expansion of human consciousness; ability to contact the record keepers"

11 drops orally morning and evening.


11 drops orally morning and evening.