Pacific Essences - Kit 4 - Sea Essences

Kit 4 - Sea Essences (12 x 7.5 ML)

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"The first 12 essences from the sea are our 'gift from the sea' - the Pacific Ocean. They are Pacific Essences' unique contribution to the field of vibrational medicine. One of the magical things about the first 12 sea essences is that there is one essence for each of the channels/meridians of tradiitional Chinese medicine, making them easy to use and very effective complements in the practices of acupuncture and kinesiology. Made from plants and sea life which grow or live in the intertidal zone on the coast, they are made at the location where they are found and no life is destroyed in the process. They carry a very different energy from the flower remedies. The sea essences are clearly about transformations in consciousness.

Water, the very medium in which they exist, is the key to unlocking the potential of these essences. Water makes up 75% of the planet Earth, and comprises 75% of the human body. It is also the medium, or carrier substance, which we use to hold the etheric imprint of the vibrational remedies.

Archetypically, Water is the symbol of the 'unconscious', the uncharted territory of our being. It is often our willingness to 'map' this territory which leads us to inner alignment, inner peace, and the unfolding of our own unique potential. Sea essences assist us in the mapping process and promote shifts in consciousness.

Kit 4 contains 12 individual essences:

ANEMONE anthopleura elegantissima - for acceptance of self and others by taking responsibility for one's own reality; allowing yourself to be organized by the universe

BARNACLE balanus glandula - for attuning with the feminine aspect of the self; for developing radical trust

BROWN KELP nereocystis luetkeana - for shifts in perception leading to clarity

JELLYFISH aurelia aurita - for fluidity and letting go into the experience

MOON SNAIL polinices lewisii - to cleanse the mind and let in light

MUSSEL mytilus edulis - for releasing the burden of anger and to enable one to stand up straight

PINK SEAWEED corallina vancouveriensis - a grounding remedy; for patience before new beginnings; to harmonize thought before action

SAND DOLLAR dendraster excentricus - to create a disruption of the mirage.....coming to your senses

SEA PALM postelsia palmaeformis - meetings at the edge of breakthroughs in consciousness; balances 'hurry for nothing' attitude

STARFISH pisaster ochraceus - for willingly giving up the old and allowing the experience of being empty . . . a grief remedy

SURFGRASS phyllospadix scouleri - for courage, strength and power rooted in stability and flexibility

URCHIN strongylocentrotus purpuratus - for irascibility and coming to the point; for safety and psychic protection"

11 drops orally morning and evening.


11 drops orally morning and evening.