Pacific Essences® formulates pure Flower, Sea and Gem & Crystal Essences as non-invasive, gentle and effective tools for healing. As the leading practitioners and pioneers of Energy Medicine®, we have over 30 years of experience producing, teaching and testing essences on individuals and in case studies.

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What is an Essence?

Essences are a safe, easy to use form of Energy Medicine®. The remedies support rebalancing on the wholistic level, to achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual homeostasis.

We call it energy medicine because in fact it is through the essences’ relationship and interaction with the energy systems (chakras and meridians) in the human being that healing occurs.

Since the visionary work of Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s, the development and knowledge of flower essences has been expansive and exciting. Pacific Essences® has been a contributor to the continued growth of Energy Medicine®, with high quality, consciously prepared, flower, sea and gem essences.

How Essences Work

Current scientific research, including that of Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown that water has a memory. Subtle, non-physical aspects, such as the Vital Force of flowers can be imprinted on water. In this way, the positive “memory signature” of a particular essence creates a vibrational shift back to a state of harmonious balance.

The body has an innate intelligence to self-correct imbalanced or negative states, known as homeostasis in Western medicine. The essences, on a frequency level, facilitate this self-healing body wisdom by recalibrating the body’s energy systems - the Meridians and Chakras.

What are the ingredients?

Pacific Essences® do NOT contain any physical elements of the plant, animal, gem or crystal sources, instead their individual “frequency” is captured and stored in water. Alcohol or Brandy is used as a preservative with a dilution of 50% spring water, 50% Brandy (20% alcohol by volume).

How are they made?

The flower is placed into a crystal bowl filled with pure spring water. The bowl is kept in sunlight for a short while, up to a couple of hours, in order to transfer the vibrational energy of the plant to the water. In the case of a living creature like Whale or Dolphin, the water that the animal has passed through is collected. No animal is ever harmed in this process. When possible, we don’t harm the plant when making the essences. Rather than clipping a flower off, we prefer to dip the flower or submerge it for a short time in the spring water. The plant remains whole and living.

How are Essences used?

Typically taken orally, essences can be used directly from the stock bottle or prepared into a dosage bottle. The general rule for making a dosage bottle is to fill a clean, glass dropper bottle with a dilution of 25% alcohol/brandy (a preservative) and 75% water. Choose the purest water available. Add two or more drops from the stock essence bottle and shake gently. Label. Ready for use. Drops from the dosage bottle can be taken directly or in a glass of water. Alternately, replace the dropper bottle with a mister bottle for an external-skin spray.

The daily dosage is individual, generally, 4 drops, 2-4 x a day or 11 drops morning and evening. Trust your intuition. Essences are completely safe and can be used as a single remedy or in combinations.

Essences can also be used in the bath.

For those with alcohol sensitivities, children and pregnant women, consider applying the drops topically anywhere on the skin or creating a spray to be used topically.

Are there any side effects?

The gift of essences is their ability to work on the subtle energetic levels, while triggering real wholistic change.

Many people find that the gentleness of essence rebalancing is almost undetected. It is only with reflection that they notice that the negative state has dissipated and has been replaced with a return to their emotional/mental centre.

They are safe to use in all situations and highly effective and immediate for children and animals.

Current research

Recent testing with an energy measuring device in Japan show extremely high and consistent energy ratings for our combination essences. This means that energetically Pacific Essences® are pure energy from the plant source from which they are made with little or no influence from outside interference. Some of the categories of measurement included: Immune System, Vitality, Autonomic Nervous System, Manic Depression, Stress, Happiness, Fear, Despair, Loneliness, Shyness, Pressure, Mental Fatigue, Worry/Anxiety, Confidence, Concentration, Memory, and Free from Trauma.

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Pacific Essences

Flower Essences

The healing gifts of the flowers of the Pacific Northwest on Vancouver Island are abundant and unique. Each of the 48 flower essences in the Pacific Essences® repertory contributes a unique vibration which can assist humans to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

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Pacific Essences

Sea Essences

The 24 sea essences promote transformations in consciousness. They are used to attain major breakthroughs, move into spaces of greater perspective and to connect with the basic rhythms of the universe during periods of change.

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Pacific Essences

Gem & Crystal Essences

The gem and crystal remedies from Pacific Essences® are lovingly prepared using the energy of both the Sun and the Moon in the Mother tincture. Gems and crystals resonate especially with the chakras and corresponding glands in the human body.

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Pacific Essences

Goddess Remedies

Demeter, Isis, Kali, Kuan Yin, Lakshmi, Maya, Persephone, Radha, Shakti, Sita

For both men and women, each essence within the ten goddess remedies either encourages the qualities of the goddess archetype with which it is associated or assists in dealing with challenges.

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Pacific Essences

Essence Combinations

Essences create a new energetic blueprint for the Body/Mind. As each essence expresses the pure note of its own unique being it calls to cells and atoms in us to vibrate at a healthy and harmonious frequency.

When a number of essences are combined in a formula the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. And that’s why we call these new combinations synergistic formulas. We have learned that when these individual essences are combined, they create an even bigger impact than when used individually.

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Abundance: Essence, Oil, Spray & Program

Essence Combination

Abundance® essence alleviates self doubt, encourages self worth, and promotes willingness to receive and participate in the flow of life. Abundance® is an attitude. It is an essence of transformation of consciousness.

Both oil and spray are a combination of the Abundance® essence and the essential oil of tangerine which carries the orange healing ray of creativity and productivity.

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Pacific Essences

Balancer : Essence, Oil & Spray

Essence Combination

The Balancer® essence is a powerful adjunct to any holistic health first aid kit. It can be taken orally or used in the bath at times of stress and mental or emotional overload. It is particularly useful when we feel overwhelmed and unable to cope.

The Balancer® essence, oil and spray all have the effect of harmonizing the Body/Mind. Used separately or together they are like stepping under the healing shower of a waterfall and stepping out rejuvenated and refreshed.

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Pacific Essences

Heart Spirit: Essence, Oil & Spray

Essence Combination

The Heart Spirit® essence dissolves old heart pain and encourages us to truly embrace the ‘spirit of the heart’. The spirit of the heart is Love, Light, Laughter, Joy. It is Peace, Allowing, Embracing, Acceptance. It is Comfort, Ease, and Enthusiasm.

It promotes self worth and lends new meaning to the dignity of being human. It allows us to interact with each other with grace, ease, and compassion.

Both oil and spray contain pure rose oil and Heart Spirit® essence. The sensual, calming fragrance of rose oil seems to immediately connect us to present time.

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Pacific Essences

The 18+ Good Vibrations

Essence Combination

Inspired by the overwhelming results that our customers and clients received from our signature combinations – Balancer™, Heart Spirit™, and Abundance™ we devoloped other ‘user friendly’ essence blends which would address some of the major challenges that people might experience in their lives.

Each of these special synergistic blends have been built around one particular essence that specifically resonates with the challenge which the combination will address.

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Pacific Essences

Five Elements

Essence Combination

The 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine are fundamental archetypes of this ancient system of health and wellness. Each element manifests in the human body/mind as well as in the world in which we all live. They are familiar energies to us.

Practitioners of TCM learn to connect with the expression of the 5 elements in each of their patients and to diagnose imbalances causing illness through this elegant and ancient platform of energy and information.

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Essences for Animals

Essence Combination

Energy Medicine® from Nature for the Animals We Love…

Animals have a rich capacity for emotions. Our animal friends want to feel good and to be happy and content. Grief, loneliness, fear, loss of confidence and dysfunctional behaviour can keep our animal friends from enjoying life fully. Chronic emotional and mental imbalances eventually affect their health, vitality and well-being.

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The Pacific Essences® Story

How can this happen?

There is an innate tendency in every cell in our bodies to prefer harmony over discord, coherence over chaos. When a perfect coherent frequency is introduced into the Body/Mind a cell recognizes the potential benefit and embraces the new energy.

This happens through the application of two principles of science RESONANCE and HOMEOSTASIS


Resonance occurs when a cell recognizes an incoming coherent energy and begins to vibrate along with it. If the cell is out of balance then harmony and balance will be restored.


Homeostasis is the self- regulating process by which biological systems maintain stability while adjusting to changing external conditions.

What conditions can essences treat?

Essences can treat anything because they are treating the person and not the disease. 

Essences do not treat specific conditions. Essences treat the person. Because essences are Energy Medicine® they are based on the science of Physics and not on Chemistry like pharmaceuticals or even herbal medicine. They create subtle shifts in the energy anatomy and energy physiology of the person resulting in increased feelings of well-being.

How long should I take an essence for?

Usually we take essences one bottle at a time. Then take a break and take note of what has shifted. Essences create an opportunity to be more self-aware and take note of conditions, people and situations which disrupt our sense of well-being. Essences also help us to change our responses to these disruptive experiences.

How often should I take an essence?

Our recommended dosage is 11 drops morning and evening.

Do you harm the animals to make the Sea Essences?

Pacific Essences made the first sea essences on the planet from large mammals like Sea Turtle, Whale, and dolphins and also smaller creatures like Starfish, sponges, and Anemone. Nothing is harmed in the process of making these essences. We collect the water from the tide pools in which they are living or from the water through which they are swimming.

What makes Pacific Essences unique?

Our flower essences are made in the pristine environment of the Pacific Northwest and all our flowers are collected by hand. Our sea essences are also made in their natural environment. All our essences are organic, sustainable and collected from their natural habitat. We never take a plant or sea life without first connecting with it and acknowledging its consciousness and inviting it to be part of our healing repertory.

Are essences safe for children?

Yes essences are completely safe for children and very effective. Eg. Balancer, our combination for stress and overwhelm is often used when a child is crying uncontrollably or has had a bump or bruise. Effects are swift and powerful. If a parent is concerned about the alcohol content we suggest putting a few drops in water or applying it topically on the skin since our skin is a major organ of absorption and excretion.

Are essences safe for animals?

Yes, essences are completely safe for animals. In fact, we created a special collection of 18 combinations for animals that address issues like re-homing, grief and loss, fear of going to the vet or groomers, and other issues specific to animals. When using essences with animals we suggest spraying it on your hands and stroking their fur or spraying in their kennels or beds or putting a few drops in their water. 

How long do essences last?

We put a shelf life of 10 years on all our essence bottles, and often essences last much longer than that. However, if the dropper becomes contaminated by coming in contact with your tongue when taking the drops there is the possibility of bacteria accumulating.

Can I get essences without alcohol as a preservative?

No, we only sell essences that use alcohol as the preservative. We recommend that people who may have alcohol sensitivity use their essences by

  1. putting some drops in a cup of boiled water so that the alcohol evaporates
  2. putting drops in a bath and absorbing the essence through the skin
  3. applying directly onto the skin