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While February is heart month and Valentine‘s Day and we usually talk about taking care of our physical hearts or falling in love with the perfect mate, the fact is that both these possibilities BEGIN WITH ME. 

The second commandment, given to Moses on Mount Sinai, says “Love your neighbour as you love yourself.”  But what does that even mean?  How do you love yourself?  And isn’t that even selfish?  Those are the messages I got as a kid going through parochial school and then onto private catholic girls high school.  No wonder I thought that becoming a nun would somehow save the world and expiate all my sins of selfishness and self interest.

I remember when the book, "Women Who Love Too Much" came out and thinking – how can you possibly love too much?  What does that even mean?  In fact that kind of love, the long suffering care giver of the family may not be love at all but kind of a bargain that if I take care of you, you will feel like you have to take care of me.   “Taking responsibility for yourself and your happiness gives a great freedom to children who have felt guilty and responsible for your unhappiness (which they always do).” 

No doubt this statement can also apply to our significant others.  And while this book addressed a specific female challenge, I do not doubt for a minute that in today’s world, this idea could just as easily apply to people in male bodies or they bodies who may also “seek love from partners who are unavailable.” 

These notions do not only apply to family life but also to those apparently selfless humans who give their lives to some cause.  I remember a woman asking Maharishi Mahesh Yogi why she was always so tired.  She recited a litany of all the good works she accomplished.  And Maharishi, holding a flower as always, and with infinite kindness emanating from his face, said “You are trying so hard.  You think you are doing these things.  When you connect to Creative Intelligence, it will all be done through you.”

One of the principles of meditation is “Do less and accomplish more.”  The idea is that when we take 20 minutes twice a day to connect with Spirit and reset our physical, emotional and mental rhythms, we have the capacity to do even more without ever becoming exhausted.

Bottom line – “Happiness is an inside job.”  So ask yourself – what act of kindness have you done for yourself in the past day?, the past week?, the past month?

I could have been that person who suffered with others.  I learned that camaraderie in suffering is kind of a waste of energy.  It neither fixes the real suffering that the other person is experiencing and it certainly does not benefit me.  I remember when my brother was training for the Worlds in Rowing and injured his shoulder.  That ended his chances that year to compete in the Worlds.  I was acting like it was some major tragedy and a friend gently said “Wow if you have so much feeling about this, how is he going to be able to process his own feelings?”  I heard it.  It was both a moment of allowing another being for whom I deeply cared to have their tragedy while I simply held space for him to have his own feelings and process his experience. 

Jellyfish Sea Essence

I took Jellyfish essence so that I could be present in the experience and just be available for what he might ask rather than creating my own drama around his suffering.

Jellyfish is one of my most powerful essence allies.  It has taught me that it is more helpful “to witness” the suffering of others than to make any attempts to “fix” it.  And by “witnessing” I mean - being present and acknowledging the reality of that person’s suffering.


pacific essences fireweed

Another of my favourite heart essences is Fireweed which is the expression of perfect Service.  Fireweed is the first plant which emerges after some kind of earth catastrophe – clear cuts of the forest here on the west coast, bomb sites in Europe after the Second World War.  Sometimes growing 7 – 8 feet tall, this beautiful being bathes the landscape with a sea of magenta light.  Magenta is a colour which promotes and supports emotional balance and well-being.  Also it’s signature shows 4 petals and 4 is the number of creating a new foundation to move forward in our lives. 

And of course I would be completely remiss if I did not mention our beautiful flagship essence – Heart Spirit™ in this missive about loving ourselves.  Watch the story about how this beautiful essence came to be...

Pacific Essences - How the Heart Spirit Essence came to be

In a nutshell, a client went to his practitioner and asked for all the flower and sea essences relating to the heart chakra, the heart meridian and the heart protector meridian to be made into one formula.  That was 20 essences and at first the practitioner refused thinking it was way too many essences to be put into one formula.  Then the client said; “If I don’t heal my heart I’ll die.”  The therapist made the formula and the rest is history.  Heart Spirit became one of our best selling Good Vibrations = “Essences which are transforming our world, one human being at a time.”

So for the month of February and while we are all still dealing with CoVid and majorly disrupted lives and have so much more time to look at ourselves and the quality of our lives I invite you to do something to love yourself every day and see who you might become by the end of the month.

Some suggestions I have for you are:

  1. Daily practice of Meditation or QiGong (check out Holden QiGong on you tube) or Yoga (check out mystee maisonet yoga channel on youtube
  2. Use an essence every day.  Choose one that speaks to your heart and promises a shift you want to achieve in your reality.
  3. Stand in front of the mirror at least once a day and look into your eyes and practice Ho'Oponopono by saying to yourself -   
    • I love you
    • Please forgive me
    • I’m sorry
    • Thank you

And of course if you feel like sharing your experiences we are always delighted to hear from you.  Sharing good news is another way to take care of your heart!!! 

Sabina and Shiva

With love and blessings

Sabina Pettitt


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