The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

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Did you know that Pacific Essences did not originally set out to make Essence Combinations? This is because generally as a Flower Essence Practitioner I do my best to find single remedies which go straight to the heart of the matter for each individual circumstance. Our very first Essence Combination, Balancer, was given to us serendipitously.

BALANCER | The First Pacific Essence Combination

We had enlisted the assistance of Dr Mikhael Adams and his VEGA electroacupuncture testing device to corroborate the meridian and chakra connections we had already determined for some of our Essences by using kinesiology and other methods. As we were going through the procedure of putting different Essences in the circuit, which was connected to the test subject, Dr Adams suddenly said, “Those last three remedies feel like Rescue Remedy.” (Rescue Remedy is a combination from the Bach Repertory). I said, “Well, we can’t make Rescue Remedy because it is already made!” Nonetheless, we decided to put the three Essences together and see what might happen if we took it ourselves, or if we gave it to our test subject who was beginning to show signs of tiredness after lying on the table for over two hours. The results were astonishing. Our subject, a healthy athletic male, was completely rejuvenated before our eyes.

Now, many years after the creation of Balancer, we have countless stories of how this Combination has restored wellbeing after some episode of mental, emotional or physical overload, stress, or trauma. Energy testing (HADO) in Japan has also revealed that Balancer has one of the highest frequencies in the vibrational medicine repertory and addresses issues like anxiety, stress, and nervousness. Overall, it supports our autonomic nervous system to cope with the stresses of life and especially the big shocks and traumas which can cripple us if left unattended.

Balancer became a new signature Combination, and as its name suggests it restores balance, equilibrium, grounding and harmony within the Body/Mind. Even just a moment experiencing that sense of balance is seductive to our Energy Anatomy, helping to maintain that harmony over time.

Balancer Essence Video


ABUNDANCE & HEART SPIRIT | The Powers of Intention and Attraction

After Balancer came Abundance (created in 1986 and first released in 1991) and Heart Spirit (1995). At that moment I honestly believed that was all we would create in terms of Essence Combinations.


Abundance Essence Video



Heart Spirit Essence Video


OPTIMAL LEARNING | Exploring Synergistic Formulas

Then one day, someone asked, “How is anyone going to know that Blue Camas is the best Essence on the planet for children with learning disabilities if it is simply called Blue Camas?” With that question began the creation of the next nine synergistic formulas.

In the 80s I had spent considerable time using Educational Kinesiology with children who were challenged in the school system – from dyslexia to ADD and ADHD. One of the things I noticed, in addition to their inability to see letters the right way round, was that there was a significant amount of stress evident in their young bodies: locked knees, tight shoulders, and tight jaws.  With repeated errors being made in front of their peers, these kids began to carry a lot of fear and shame-related tension in their physical bodies which then further inhibited their ability to make progress in a regular learning environment.

So we added Rainbow Kelp which harmonizes the front brain (rational, reasoning brain) to the back brain (‘old’ brain, limbic system, flight or fight response) to Blue Camas which harmonizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain and activates or optimizes the corpus callosum (the bundle of nerve fibres which connects the left and right hemispheres and which needs to be fully switched on in order to facilitate reading and other functions which require use of the whole brain). Then we added Blue Lupin for focus and attention. That’s how Optimal Learning was born.

Optimal Learning Essence Combination

What we discovered about this Essence Combination along the journey was that it was not only for people with learning disabilities, but it was also effective for people who keep making the same mistakes over and over again because they are stuck in some kind of behaviour linked to a limited style of brain functioning. For example, the left brain tends to be rational and logical and maybe not very creative, while the right brain can be too carefree and less practical and pragmatic. People who are stuck in their back brain can be over-reactive, volatile, and quick to anger.  

SHIELDING | Synergy After Disaster

Another invaluable Combination came into being when the tsunami happened in Japan in 2003.  So many of our students emailed to ask what Essences they could take to protect themselves from radiation. Eventually we put all of these protective Essences together and came up with the Shielding formula. While Black Tourmaline is the keynote of this formula, and specifically beneficial for deflecting all kinds of radiation, we discovered that with the addition of three other Gem Essences and two Sea Essences this formula also protected people who are sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and so this Combination became a kind of protective shield physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Shielding Combination Essence

ESSENCE COMBINATIONS | Creating New Energetic Signatures

You have likely heard the expression, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” This is exactly how I see our Essence Combinations (which we first named Synergistic Formulas and now call ‘Good Vibrations’). Each formula has one key ingredient. For example, the foundation of Forgiving is Salal, while the foundation of Being True Worth is Polyanthus. Somehow, when other individual Essences which support the keynote in particular ways are added, the formula becomes bigger and a whole new signature is created. The new signature is embodied in the name of the Combination – Being Peace, or New Attitudes.

CHOOSING YOUR COMBINATION | Take the Good Vibrations Quiz!

While our Combinations can be a powerful and accessible way to begin exploring the energy medicine of Essences, you might wonder which Combination could best support you at this moment of your life journey. We have created a beautiful and intuitive quiz to help you discover which Good Vibration has something to offer you – we invite you to give it a try!

Good Vibrations Essence Combination Quiz


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