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Medecine Vibratoire - La guérison par les Es (Livre)

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Medecine Vibratoire - La guérison par les Essences de la nature

ENERGY MEDICINE - Healing from the Kingdoms of Nature

2ND EDITION - full colour, paperback.

"This is the second edition of the first book to be written about the qualities and uses of the flower and sea essences in the Pacific Essence collection!


  • 72 full colour plates (3" x 5") - 48 Flower Essences & 24 Sea Essences
  • 72 Essence Prayers/Blessings - the special gift offered to human beings by the plant or sea spirit
  • an expanded repertory of:
    • the qualities which each essence enhances within us
    • the challenges which each essence addresses
    • the physical problems with which the essence can assist us based on the energetics of traditional Chinese medicine


  • all the original information on meridian and chakra correlations affirmations, and descriptions of plant signatures
  • a wonderful introduction by Steve Johnson from the Alaska Flower Essence Project
  • a few kind words from Master Choa Kok Sui, modern day founder of Pranic healing