Five Elements Retreat
Five Elements Retreat
Five Elements Retreat
Five Elements Retreat
Five Elements Retreat
Five Elements Retreat

Five Elements Retreat

Room Type Double Occupancy - Shared Bath

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In May 2024 we are offering a six-day retreat to explore the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine and the flower and sea Essences which resonate with them. This retreat also provides training for participants to become Energy Medicine® Practitioners should they so choose.

At a magical location on the west coast, Craidelonna Lodge and Ocean Wilderness Inn will provide us with luxurious accommodation which will nourish our spirits. Nature chef Tom Kral will nourish our bodies with "wild culinary delights" from our beautiful rainforest island.

We believe that healing starts as a journey into oneself. Come and discover how the Nature Spirits can assist you and your clients in this journey.

In this course you will:

  • Immerse yourself in the beauty of Canada’s Pacific Northwest
  • Learn how to use the Essences and the five elements easily and effectively for your own health and healing
  • Learn how to select Essences for your friends and family
  • Become an Energy Medicine® Practitioner*
  • Practice Qi Gong to enliven the five elements in our own Body/Mind

*Note: To became a certified Energy Medicine® Practitioner after the course it is necessary to submit five case studies. The case studies will be evaluated and, if approved, the Practitioner certificate sent out.

Find more information, training program, and retreat details here.

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5 Elements Retreat 2024:

Location: Shirley, BC
Dates: May 23-29, 2024


  • $3500 (plus GST) for double occupancy with shared bath
  • $4000 (plus GST) for single room

This registration fee includes the entire retreat experience: accommodation, delicious meals, and all workshop trainings. Choose your preferred accommodation option at the top of the page, and 'Add to Cart' to continue to registration and payment.

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This course is approved for 50 CEUs by the NCCAOM for acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Vivian Hulley Bittencourt
A Pivotal Moment

I have had the privilege and honor of participating in the Five Elements Retreat with Dr. Sabina Pettitt on three occasions. I can only describe this experience every time as a turning point in my life as it took me deeper and deeper into my understanding of energy, spirituality, and healing.
I use the Essences and the knowledge of the five elements for myself, my clients, and my loved ones. The retreat inspired me to practice QiGong as part of my daily routine. I can only express my profound gratitude to Pacific Essences and Sabina for this blessing in my life.

Carrie M
An excellent experience

I attended the 5 elements retreat a few years back - it was life changing and lead me down a path of working with a powerful healing modality - the essences. I use essences in every day life now. The teachings I learned paved the way to going deeper into plant spirit medicine and I am forever grateful to Sabina and this course for my journey in healing.

Doris Barg
Detox for my soul!

On May 2019 I had the joy in taking part in this retreat. It taught me a lot about the 5 elements and deepened my knowledge in my life and my work. But above it all, this incredible experience gave me a total "reset" and detoxed in my soul. Being in the forest with the powerful activities we had allowed me to connect to my deepest needs.
I came back calmer and different, and since then I still practice the enriching things I've learned, which help in my day to day life. Thank you Sabina for what you are! You are a blessing and an inspiration!
Love you!