Pacific Essences Specials

This February, we invite you to enjoy 25% off your own Custom Essence Kit!

Essences have the powerful potential to shift your energetic vibration (and through this shift, affect your mind, body, and spirit). These healing offerings from the Kingdom of Nature can support your journey in so many ways, and one of the best means of discovering the impact of these Essences is through experimentation and play.

As our invitation to you to begin working with these beneficial Essences - or to introduce yourself to some new energetic remedies - we are offering you the opportunity to create your own Custom Essence Kit from our selection of 144 individual Essences!

As part of this month's special offerings, we are also sharing three of our powerful Essence Combinations (one for animals, and two for humans!) at 25% off. Each of these energetic vibrations are particularly recommended because they support the qualities and perspectives our world needs most right now.

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