Sea Essences

Our collection of 24 Sea Essences each help to promote transformations in consciousness. They are used to attain major breakthroughs, to help us move into spaces of greater perspective, and to connect us with the basic rhythms of the universe during periods of change.

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What are Sea Essences?

Sea Essences are Energy Medicine from plants and sea creatures. Pacific Essences made the first Sea Essence on the planet in 1985 and now offers 24 Sea Essences which include Sea Essences made from large mammals like Dolphins and Whales. The healing gift of the Sea Essences is transformation of consciousness. Sea Essences provide us with an opportunity to see ourselves and our world differently and consequently embrace meaningful change and healing in our lives.

Uses of the Sea Essences

Anemone Sea Essence supports us to feel able to respond to any situation which arises in our life experience. No blame. No shame. No guilt. Anemone Sea Essence cultivates our ability to pause and ask ourselves “How can I respond to this?” Rather than feeling like a victim, Anemone Sea Essence helps us to trust that our inner knowing will be available to guide us in every challenging situation.

Barnacle Sea Essence helps us to embrace our anima - our inner divine feminine and also to heal our relationship with our mother. While cultivating the yin quality of ‘yielding’ Barnacle Sea Essence helps us to sort out what is life supporting for our healing and growth and what needs to be released. Barnacle Sea Essence is a powerful essence to support the female reproductive system, optimal functioning of the pituitary gland and harmonizes the front brain in charge of rational responses with the back brain which is more reactive.

Importance of the Sea Essences

As we work with the Energy Anatomy and Energy Physiology of Traditional Chinese Medicine we have seen that Sea Essences have huge impact on the health and well-being of patients. Anemone Sea Essence has repeatedly helped patients who have physical pain. Barnacle Sea Essence has helped patients with obsessive behaviour patterns and has helped both male and female patients who were abandoned by their mother.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sea Essences, just like our Flower and Gem Essences, are not a scented product like an essential oil. However, Sea Essences may have a slightly salty taste (this is not strong, but some users have detected it). This is because while the vibrational energies of Flower and Gem Essences are captured in pure spring water, the vibrational energies of Sea Essences are captured in salt water (their natural home environment). Rest assured, no mammal or sea creature is harmed in the process of making the Sea Essences.
Sea Essences promote transformation. When using a Sea Essence, we might find that we experience shifts in consciousness - how we see ourselves, and how we see our lives. We have the potential to make new choices that are healthier and more life-supporting.
Sea Essences work in the same way as Flower and Gem Essences. They simply target different issues. Like Flower and Gem Essences, they either attract a new state of being or quality into our lives, or they dissolve some challenge we are experiencing. For example, Mussel helps us to dissolve anger and Anemone dissolves the feeling of being a victim.
The recommended way to take all of our Essences is orally - we suggest 11 drops before bed, and 11 drops when you wake up in the morning.
It is better to take Essences by themselves, rather than adding them to a meal. The very act of dropping 11 drops into your mouth strengthens the energy and intention of the new state of being we want to attract.