Sea Essences

The 24 sea essences promote transformations in consciousness. They are used to attain major breakthroughs, move into spaces of greater perspective and to connect with the basic rhythms of the universe during periods of change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sea essences smell the same as flower and gem essences. However, they may taste slightly salty because they come from the Ocean. No mammal or sea creature is harmed in the process of making the sea essences.
Sea essences promote transformation. When using a sea essence we might find that we experience shifts in consciousness - how we see ourselves, how we see our lives and become able to make new choices that are healthier and more life-supporting.
Sea essences work in the same way as Flower and Gem essences. They simply target different issues. Like Flower and Gem essences they either attract a new state of being or quality into our lives, or they dissolve some challenge we are experiencing. For example, Mussel helps us to dissolve anger and Anenome dissolves the feeling of being a victim.
The recommended way to take all our essences is orally -11 drops before bed and 11 drops when we wake up in the morning.
It is better to take essences by themselves. The very act of dropping 11 drops into your mouth strengthens the energy and intention of the new state of being we want to attract.