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Get Natural Healing from Essential Oils

Essential Oils are plant extracts which provide different healing qualities through the sense of smell. Some are calming and some are stimulating. Different Essential Oils target healing in different organs and systems in the human body. Eg. Lavender Essential Oil is calming and soothing. What makes our Essential Oils unique is that they are infused with the Combination Essences of the same name. Eg. Balancer Essence is available as flower essence drops to be taken orally, Essence Spray to use for space clearing or shifting the energy in an environment, Balancer Diffuser for creating a calm and relaxing environment. All the Essential Oils we use at Pacific Essences are natural, organic and sustainably sourced.

Pure and Natural Abundance Essential Oil

Abundance Essential Oil is a pure Essential Oil of Tangerine infused with the Abundance Essence and in a carrier oil of Apricot Kernel Oil. Abundance Essential Oil is used directly on the skin for massage or as a bath therapy. The power of the Abundance Essence along with the fragrance of Tangerine Essential Oil promotes feelings of love, joy, and abundance and carries the orange healing ray of creativity and productivity. The result is a feeling of the ability to remove obstacles and to have the capacity to manifest our hopes and dreams. 

Abundance Diffuser Oil

Abundance Diffuser Oil is made from Essential Oils of Tangerine, Mandarin and Lemon Grass infused with the Abundance Essence. Abundance Diffuser Oil is specifically for water based aromatherapy diffusers. Water is a universal carrier of energy and information. When Abundance Diffusers Oil is steaming into a room people feel uplifted and positive and embrace the feeling that everything is possible.

Aromatherapy Diffuser Oils Set

Pacific Essences has created an Aromatherapy Diffuser Oils Set which encompass 

Balancer Diffuser Oil - the power of NOW 

Abundance Diffuser Oil - the power of INTENTION 

Heart Spirit Diffuser Oil - the power of ATTRACTION 

Optimal Immunity Diffuser Oil - the power of PROTECTION

A New World of Hope Diffuser Oil - the power of HOPE

Our Aromatherapy Diffusers Oils Set can turn any environment into a space for humans to thrive and to manifest their hopes and dreams with grace and ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of essential oils?

Our essence enhanced essential oils bring to the consumer the added inspiration of fragrance. We have 5 products that are available as space clearing sprays and steam diffusers to shift the energy in our environment. These are Abundance, Balancer, Heart Spirit, Optimal Immunity, and A New World of Hope. The first 3 products are our flagship essence combinations and these 3 are also available as 30ml massage oils and 5ml personal roll-on bottles called the Attractors offered in a chic carrying wallet.