A Season of Hope and Love

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Here we are with the Christmas holidays less than a month away and everything feels really really different and yes, even uncertain.

In September I had fantasized about running away to Hawaii with a friend for Christmas and we started watching COVID statistics and travel requirements to go to the Big Island.  Then the numbers started spiking there and the quarantine requirements upon return to Canada seemed a little challenging.  Not to mention the possibility that one could actually get stuck there.  Now I agree being stuck on the Big Island would not be too much of a hardship under normal circumstances but if I was sick and had to pay for everything in US dollars how much fun would that be???  So maybe not.

Then of course there is the possibility and expectation of the trip back east to be with family.  Being with family at Christmas has always been the number one choice.  And even better when we could be with family somewhere warm – like Hawaii.  But family is definitely not getting on a plane until the COVID pandemic is resolved.  And anyway there is only one of me and four of them.  So it’s a no brainer for me to be the one to travel. And then the second wave hit BC and there even began to be talk about banning inter provincial travel within Canada.  I don’t think that has happened but we are back to daily reports about cases and are definitely in partial lockdown. 

So there were a couple of weeks of real uncertainty around what the holidays could be like in which I was focusing primarily on being ready to teach in Sao Paulo (via ZOOM of course).  The focus of the workshop was on our own individual power to make our lives what we want them to be.  The workshop was really well received and gave me the tools I needed to flow with whatever unfolds in the next little while. 

You know there is a saying that you teach what you need to learn, right??

Just before the workshop I had sent out a Call to Action to my family asking for their Christmas lists and once the workshop was over I began to fulfill the orders so that I can ship a box off well before the last minute rush.  And once I began that process I noticed that there was a shift inside me – a stirring of hope and excitement and the expectation that each gift opened would bring a smile of delight and a wish fulfilled and a big hug of gratitude were I to be there to receive it.

And once I connected with my Christmas Spirit of 2020 I discovered a lightness of being and a desire to make more people happy.  Maybe in part because I was filling the house with the scent of our new diffuser oils and my home was permeated with luscious tangerine and calming lavender and the rose fragrance of love.  And I began making lists of the people to whom I am grateful for being on this journey with me and Pacific Essences.  Even if I only send them a card perhaps I can share with them not only my gratitude but the energy of hope and love which this season is about. 

The point is that however it unfolds over the next few weeks only me can make me happy.  And how can I not be happy when I am surrounded by all the love that Michael shared with me in this sacred space and these precious energies from Mother Nature which change peoples lives drop by drop.


Grape Hyacinth

Only this week we got a call from someone who was ordering many bottles of Grape Hyacinth because he had discovered that not only is this essence for shock and trauma but that it is also a shield against all the toxic though forms floating around the planet and grants us the capacity to be in touch with our own inner truth and guidance.  No doubt being in touch with our own right action is huge any time but perhaps especially in this moment on our planet.

“Happiness is an inside job.”  – and I’m pretty sure that statement came from my beloved Ram Dass.

In any case I wish all of you the very best holiday celebration ever and suggest that if you approach it with curiosity and possibility it might be the very best Christmas ever!!!!


Sabina and Shiva

With love and blessings

Sabina Pettitt



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