How do Essences Work?

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Perhaps to comprehend the infinite possible interfaces and infinite possible outcomes between a human being and an essence it might be useful to understand that we humans are not just physical bodies.  Our physical bodies are merely one aspect of who we are.  And through all the inner workings and interconnections of blood and brain and neurotransmitters and hormones our bodies allow us to experience at least two other bodies – the emotional body and the mental body.  What follows from this understanding is that dis-ease and illness can be caused by imbalance or disharmony in any one of these bodies and indeed each body interacts with, and impacts upon, each of the other bodies so that in fact, disease can manifest in any of these bodies.  This concept,  by the way, has always been the fundamental understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine – that thoughts affect our well-being, that emotions affect our well-being and that dis-ease in our physical body will impact on how we are thinking and how we are feeling,  The reverse is also true in that excessive challenging emotions and thoughts like anger, sadness, fear will impact on the well-being of our physical body and may be a causative factor of dis-ease.


Another factor to consider is that human beings are born with an innate cellular intelligence of how to function together to maintain health and well-being.  In western medicine this intelligence is largely controlled by homeostasis which can be defined as “any self-regulating process by which an organism tends to maintain stability while adjusting to conditions that are best for its survival.”  In other words, our bodies know what to do at a cellular level in order to maintain life and well-being.  As the quote above goes on to say, “If homeostasis is successful, life continues; if it’s unsuccessful, it results in a disaster or death of the organism.”


However, when we factor in that there has to be harmony and equilibrium in the mental body and the emotional body as well then, a broader definition must be applied.  I coined the term “multi-dimensional homeostasis” to include all three energy bodies and to introduce the notion of personal choice.


Multi-dimensional homeostasis is where the human being exercises his power of choice in order to promote and to maintain health and well-being.  For example, we do not choose to hold on to our anger for a minute longer than is necessary to release it.  For instance, we don’t speak ill of ourselves or another person because every negative thought pollutes and in some way threatens the well-being of all our energy bodies. 


Multi-dimensional homeostasis is when each of us develops the capacity to choose who we want to be and how we want to be in response to all of the events and experiences in our lives.


And this is where essences can assist us.  In a nutshell this is how I understand essences to work.


  1. They fill up the empty or satisfy some energetic lack or deficiency in the Body/Mind
E.g.  Someone is lacking in self-esteem perhaps because they were never encouraged or supported as a child.  They can spend the rest of their lives bewailing the fact that they  did not get what they needed to thrive or they can choose essences which provide this lacking vibration.  Note: when you search for ‘self-esteem’ on the website 4 essence results appear for you to choose from.
  1. They resonate with some healthy aspect of the and enhance it or amplify


Eg. Someone has been injured in a relationship and as a result refuses to feel able to trust a new person coming into their life.  But they are sad and lonely and at some level of their being really want to be in a relationship.  Cultivating the attitude of trust may resolve this issue and lead to a new fulfilling relationship. Note: when you search for the word ‘Trust’ on the website, 12 essence results relating to Trust appear for you to choose from.


  1. They work on all aspects of the human being - Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit = Multi-dimensional homeostasis.


Some essences seem more focused on physical healing – e.g. Salmonberry as a physical   tonic and specifically for spinal alignment.  Some essences are more focused on emotional healing – e.g. Mussel for releasing the persistent reaction of anger when things and circumstances do not jive with your expectations of how things should be and anger has just become a bad habit.  And some essences might be more aligned with the mental realm where our persistent habit of judging leads to guilt, shame, and blame.  So if you search for  ‘judgement’  on the website, you get 13 different essences to choose from.


So far we have not addressed Spirit.  Spirit is not so much an energy body as the activating or enlivening force in every living thing.  Like an essence it is the unique expression of life within each of us and within every living thing.  In Traditional Chinese   Medicine there are 5 Spirits associated with each of the 5 Elements – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.  Very briefly Earth is our Physical vehicle.  Fire is our Consciousness. Metal is our rhythms – breath, craniosacral, cerebrospinal pump. Water is our DNA blueprint and our ancestral energy.  And Wood is our Life Purpose.  All of these 5 Spirits work together to maintain balance and harmony and to support our ‘Spirit in Matter’ to experience joy and fulfillment on our journey through life.

Personally, I do not believe that Spirit requires healing.  I do, however, understand that if there is discord in any one, or all, of the other 3 energy bodies that in fact Spirit will not want to continue to activate and enliven the being who is taking no responsibility for their own well-being.
I also understand that when we take an essence it is the Spirit of the plant or sea creature or gem which is calling to Spirit within us and allows us the possibility to correct our trajectory at whatever level is required.  E.g.  A change of diet or exercise for the physical energy body, a change of attitude for the mental energy body and a change from reactions to responses for the emotional energy body.


  1. Essences play the healthiest and most balanced frequency/vibration to an organ or meridian or chakra. Through the process of entrainment and that innate preference for harmony over discord which exists in every cell in our Body/Mind essences support us to be well, to feel good and to be the very best we can be.


I am always amazed at the results people have achieved when they get the essence which is perfect for them in that moment of their lives.  I have witnessed physical, emotional and mental healing.  And the best thing is that you can actually choose for yourself an essence which calls to you without concern for any side effects.  Some of the most powerful healings have occurred when someone has just been attracted to an image of one of the essences or merely keyed in a word which describes a particular challenge they are experiencing or something more that they want in their lives.


And every day I am grateful for these living energies in Nature which come to us with carefree abandon and infinite healing possibilities.


With love and blessings

 Pacific Essences Sabina Pettit

Sabina Pettitt


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