Healing with Pretty Shiny Things (GEMS)

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For as long as I can remember I have been attracted to pretty shiny things – my mother’s ruby ring, the fairies dancing in my grandmother’s garden or the sparkly dewdrops on her flowers, or my great grandmother’s charm necklace.  I spent hours sitting on her knee when she came to visit while she told me stories about each of the shiny charms and where they came from.  

And then of course Michael came into my world and began to gift me shiny things.  And all of these shiny objects emitted energy and had value for me and provoked a curiosity in me about how they evoked different responses within me.  This curiosity led us to the discovery that gems had been used thereapeutically in India for centuries and that the first documented records of using gems to heal date back to the Sumerians 4500 – 2000BC.  Crystal healing shows up in the writings of Plato and crystals and stones were mined in Egypt and then crafted into jewelry and amulets to support the well-being of those who wore them.

We began collecting.  The stones did not have to be expensive or flawless.  They just had to call to us, much in the same way the flowers called to us when we were out in Nature.  So by the time we released the first flower essences in 1983, we also had quite a collection of gemstones and felt like a good way to share the energy would be as gem essences.  In 1988 we added 60 gem essences to our repertory.  Unlike the flowers these gems and crystals were catalyzed by both sunlight and moonlight.

Because in the 80s there was beginning to be a plethora of books about gems and crystals, the information about our gem and crystal essences was just one appendix in Energy Medicine – Healing from the Kingdoms of Nature. More detailed information was published in Japanese and French in 2007 and German in 2014 and Portuguese in 2018.   I began to feel that these very special energies were being ignored by me, so one of my pandemic projects while I was ‘grounded’ was to write Energy Medicine from Gems & Crystals.  I am thrilled to announce that it is now in print and available!!!!!

So what is the unique gift of the gem and crystal essences?  Many of our practitioners have suggested that including a gem essence in a dosage bottle actually holds physical structure for the whole formula.  This make sense because as Judy Hall states in The Crystal Bible – “A crystal is symmetrical along its axis. Its regular external planes are an outward expression of its internal order.”  Gems and crystals not only contribute their own unique energy to a formula but also enhance the bio-availability of the other essences.  Alone or in combination with other essences gem essences restore order to the Body/Mind.  And that’s what all healing strives for – the restoration of balance and harmony.

Essentially the gem essences work in the same way as flower essences in that they either “attract” some new energy into the Body/Mind or they resolve some blockage or dissolve some challenge in the Body/Mind which leads to balance and harmony and enhances well-being.

Pacific Essences Smoky Quartz Essence

In my clinical practice I have had some amazing success with Smoky Quartz for adrenal overload, Apophylite for cleansing the residue of anaesthesia and other toxins, and Opal for moving sluggish lymph.  


Another of my favourites is Fire Agate which happens to be the only gem essence for the Triple Warmer channel in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).  Triple Warmer has a unique function in the Body/Mind and essentially is the communication network among all the organs and systems.  The resonance of Fire Agate is “Inter-Being”, that beautiful notion originating from Thich Nhat Hanh.  When our Body/Mind is infused with this energy our zest for life and joy in life increases exponentially and we are able to offer this quality of our being out into the world we live in and effect change by modelling coherence and happiness.


Pacific Essences Amber Essence

I have given teething babies the Amber Essence to calm the fussiness and discomfort and discovered it was just as effective as the Amber necklaces which are prescribed for the same purpose.

Rhodochrosite is a gem which has helped patients with Nervous System disorders like Polio, Cerebral Palsy and Parkinson’s disease and Rubellite, also known as Pink Tourmaline switches on the parasympathetic nervous system and triggers the relaxation response.  Rubellite is the same frequency as the heartbeat of Mother Earth.  And Black Tourmaline grounds us and protects us and used as a bath therapy for 10 – 14 days will increase our energy, enthusiasm, joy, and compassion.

Pacific Essences

Essentially the 60 gem essences are almost a complete apothecary in themselves with so many physical, emotional, and mental correlations.  And even the word gems translates as precious.  I see the 60 gem essences as a precious collection of healing energies which can be used by anyone to help them to heal and to transform.




With love and blessings

 Pacific Essences Sabina Pettit

Sabina Pettitt



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