Good Vibrations - Signature and Synergistic Essence Combinations

Essences create a new energetic blueprint for the Body/Mind. As each Essence expresses the pure note of its own unique being, it calls to cells and atoms in us to vibrate at a healthy and harmonious frequency.

When a number of Essences are combined in a formula, the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. That’s why we call these combinations synergistic formulas. We have learned that when these individual Essences are combined, they create an even bigger impact than when used individually.


BALANCER - The Power of Now

For times of stress and mental or emotional overload - it is particularly useful when we feel overwhelmed and unable to cope.


ABUNDANCE - The Power of Intention

For alleviating self-doubt, encouraging self-worth, and promoting willingness to receive and participate in the flow and freedom to participate fully in the adventure of life.

HEART SPIRITThe Power of Attraction

For dissolving old heart pain and embracing the spirit of the heart - love, light, laughter, joy, peace, comfort, and enthusiasm; encouraging us to act with grace, ease, and compassion.


For appreciating the abundance already in our lives, nourishing self-confidence and the ability to trust our choices, and promoting connection and gratitude.

TWELVE GEMS - Empowering Change

A unique treasure chest of ancient and new world gems that resonate on a cellular level to allow us to cleanse, re-boot, and return to harmony.


BEING PEACE - Finding Peace Within

For tapping into our deep root of compassion, practicing loving kindness, good will, and the will to do good; for feeling connected to all that is. 


BEING TRUE WORTH - Self-Recognition

For recognizing who we are, our strengths and our weaknesses, and to transcend cultural programming by granting ourselves freedom to express this truth in our daily lives and relationships.

CELLULAR MEMORY - Optimal Function

For supporting and enhancing the innate intelligence of each cell to maintain balance and harmony, to survive and to contribute to the survival of the whole - supporting us as we tap into our own unique divine plan.

DETOX - Cleansing and Rejuvenation

For clearing away cellular debris, whether it is physical, emotional, or mental - revitalizing the mind and body, and helping us to recognize what is life-supporting and what is not.


For nourishing the adrenals and allowing us to move away from the adrenaline of fear vibes and into the space and energy of the Heart - helping us to experience and respond in the present moment from a place of love.

FORGIVING - Inner Peace and Self-Empowerment

For giving ourselves the freedom to disconnect from old and painful 'stuff' by letting go of outward or inward blame and shame - restoring our own sense of power and direction, dissolving bitterness and fear, and freeing our soul to dance the dance we came here to perform.


KIDS' STUFF - Restoring Innocence and Harmony

For nourishing inner security and fostering acceptance of 'what is' with a light heart and calm detachment - dispelling seriousness, inviting delight and joy, and helping us to know our true Spirit within. 


NEW ATTITUDES - Release and Transformation

For supporting new and positive thinking around our ability to change our actions, feeling empowered to release addictive behaviour patterns, allowing us to exercise the power of choice in the present moment.


OPTIMAL IMMUNITY - Strength and Protection

For providing safety and protection at all levels of being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual safety and protection against toxic thought patterns and external attack.


OPTIMAL LEARNING - Holistic Brain Function

For promoting wholeness and integration in the brain, destroying fear and restoring self-esteem, encouraging optimal functioning of the senses and helping us access and decode information with ease - we are here to learn.


RADIANT BEAUTY - True Inner Beauty

For illuminating the body and mind so that our true beauty becomes apparent to all who perceive us, and even more importantly, to our own Selves - allowing us to accept, express, and celebrate who we really are.


SHIELDING - Protection

For promoting a sense of well-being, and acting as a physical protective shield against radiation and EMFs, syncing the energy systems of the Body/Mind and deflecting electromagnetic frequencies. 


SUPER VITALITY - Peak Performance

For rejuvenation of the body, mind, and spirit, enhancing stamina and optimal neurological function - reverses aging, restores optimism, and promotes the flourishing of our natural vitality.


FIRE - The Light Within

For enhancing our connection with others and the enthusiastic, passionate expression of the light within - supports our ability to deal with shock and trauma, and fosters joy, laughter, inspiration, and strong communication. 


EARTH - Peace and Safety

For giving us the ability to discern what is nourishing and life-supporting, allowing us to safely digest our experience, establish clear boundaries, and maintain our sense of groundedness and connection to the Earth. 


METAL - Receiving and Letting Go

For providing the courage and conviction to express who we are, maintain balance between control and flexibility, releasing toxins and drawing in the life force energy - the cycle of breathing in and letting go. 


WATER - Finding Your Way

For help finding your way by trusting your inner wisdom - inspiring faith, courage, fearlessness and determination, combating fear, anxiety, and timidity as we discover our true direction. 


WOOD - The Potential Within

For delivering the energy and physical capacity to fulfill our life purpose, inspiring us to achieve our personal best, our creative expression of who we can be, transforming anger or frustration into purposeful action.