The Power of Water

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On December 21 we move into the Water Element in the annual cycle of the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  This change of the elements occurs annually and is the rhythm of energy flows both in Nature as the seasons and in our own Body/Minds as our organs and meridians and circadian rhythms.


But what is triggering me to write about it is not so much the time of year but the insanity I witness every time I happen to hear some news.  I do not deliberately listen to news but of course it filters in nonetheless. 


What I am specifically thinking about is what I call “mass consciousness” or “the madness of crowds” – where all of a sudden people are in these loud demonstrative groups polarized by their beliefs in politics or vaccines or any number of other issues.  And for me the scary thing about the “crowd” consciousness is whether or not all those people who are now in that “crowd” actually did any critical thinking about, or research on, the topic in which they are investing all this energy. 


Or is it just some kind of comfort to feel included in this expression of humanity?????  Or perhaps fear in these strange and challenging times?


Whatever the reasons we can strengthen our Water element and in so doing reinforce the archetypal qualities inherent therein.   These qualities are Faith which resonates with the Bladder meridian and Trust which resonates with the Kidney channel.  These two channels comprise the Water element in TCM.  Faith is not some blind belief in some external deity but rather the desire, capacity and will to have faith in ourselves.  And Trust is the more Yin quality, but equally powerful and transforming, where we understand with every cell in our Body/Mind that we are in the right place at the right time and we will know how to ‘respond’.


And the Water element is way more than this.  For example it is our central nervous system, our ability to learn and grow, our DNA blueprint and ancestral wisdom and our capacity to ‘respond’ rather than to ‘react’ as we encounter the people and events and challenges in our daily lives.


The emotion of the Water element is Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real.  Fear is a ‘reaction’ and I am witnessing a lot of fear on our planet today even if some of it has turned into loud expression of individual rights.  Funnily enough I do not hear individuals talking about their rights but I definitely hear it in the “madness of crowds”.  Fear drains our adrenal glands and takes us off our game “to be the greatest version of the grandest vision ever we could hold of ourselves” – (Neale Donald Walsch – Conversations With God)  And even if we don’t aspire to that lofty goal fear burns up energy which could otherwise be used to improve the quality of our lives and to create something beautiful in our lives and on Mother Earth.


For many years Michael and I did "A Course in Miracles" on a daily basis and then led groups on those teachings as well.  One of the best gifts the Course gave me was the consistent message to ask for guidance.  And being a little Fire Baby cultivating that ability has done me well.  Instead of impulsively jumping into a situation without considering consequences or exercising some critical thinking or doing some research I take a breath first, or maybe even two depending on the situation, and then I ask for guidance.  You might ask from where this guidance emerges.  I believe it comes from a calm and centered place inside me.  Sometimes I feel like it is my guardian angel or my Spirit guide.  If I don’t get an answer right away, I simply wait until I do.  And how do I know when I have the answer????  I feel good.  I feel calm. I am ready to act.


Water is the most Yin of the 5 elements meaning it is receptive, soft, yielding.  But it is also the most powerful of the 5 elements.  Water wears down rock.  Water always finds a way.  Water can be destructive as in the recent flooding and landslides here on the west coast.  Water can be soothing and comforting as in swimming with dolphins in warm waters of Hawaii.  It comprises 80% of our planet and 80% of our human bodies, so maybe a good idea to notice how and if we are taking care of our Water element in these dark days of winter as we move towards the return of the light on the 21st.


Happy Solstice


May each of us feel secure and empowered in our healthy and vital Water element.


May Light return to Earth.


With love and blessings

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