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Red Garnet
Red Garnet

Red Garnet

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  • Resonance:   Worldly Pleasures
  • Key Challenges:   Creative blocks, Poverty consciousness, Self loathing, Red blood cells
  • Key Attractors:   Self love, Self confidence, Abundance, Sexuality and sensuality, Tantra
  • Planes:  


awakens great love and compassion


Red Garnet

Mn3 Al2 Si3 O12

Essences (Realm) Gem Essences
Resonance Worldly Pleasures
Key Attractors Abundance, Sexuality and Sensuality, Self love, Self confidence
Key Challenges Creative blocks, Poverty consciousness
Meridians Heart, Kidney
Chakras Root/Basic, Heart
Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual Self confidence
Tantra elevates physical sex
Cardiovascular System increases hemoglobin
Red Blood Cells
Chakra Root/Basic
Chakra Heart
Meridian Kidney
Meridian Heart
Poverty consciousness
Creative blocks
Sexuality and Sensuality
Sexuality/Sensuality inability to express sexual energy
Cardiovascular System circulation
Love of self
Acceptance of self, able to access self-esteem


Length x Width x Height
10 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm

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