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Mother Tree
Mother Tree

Mother Tree

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  • Resonance:   Endurance
  • Key Challenges:   Disconnected, Unfocused, Purposeless
  • Key Attractors:   Self-actualization
  • Planes:   Mental, Spiritual


Assists us to fulfill our own destiny, to help us connect with "the mother earth”, to connect with the seed in our own being that is the blueprint for this lifetime. To practice economy of thought and action so that we too can be fully present in the moment and emanate timelessness.


Mother Tree


Essences (Realm) Combinations
Resonance Endurance
Key Attractors Wisdom, Love, Nurturing, Life supporting
Key Challenges Opinions, Judgements, Resistance, Separation-
Meridians -
Chakras -
Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual Endurance


Length x Width x Height
10 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm