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Kit 6 - New Flowers (12 x 7.5 ML)

Kit 6 - New Flowers (12 x 7.5 ML)

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These flower essences offer us the opportunity to live more consciously on the earth plane. Many of them assist with the challenges that develop in our relationships with our fellow beings. They help us to learn the lessons of being 'Spirit in body' on earth.

Kit 6 contains 12 individual essences:

ALUM ROOT heuchera micrantha - the power of the small; manifestation of "god-ness"; ability to move in a pattern without having to do it "your" way; willingness to choose "to be".

DOUGLAS ASTER aster subspicatus - endless expansion while maintaining centre; savouring life experience; living fully and consciously; promotes courage and adaptability

FAIRY-BELL disporum smithii - lighthearted release from murky thoughts; expands willingness to follow one's guidance; eases depression

FUCHSIA fuchsia - re-creation; letting go of dysfunctional patterns; being the change we wish to see in the world

INDIAN PIPE monotropa uniflora - reconciliation with others and making peace with self; reverence for all of life

PEARLY EVERLASTING anaphalis margaritacea - commitment and lasting devotion; opening to the mysteries of life; transformation through service

POPLAR populus tremuloides - for contacting Spirit; for ability to transmit healing energies; to improve choice-making; attunes to the gentleness of nature

RED HUCKLEBERRY vaccinium parvifolium - to experience the power of introspection; allowing ourselves to be nourished by taking time to digest; storehouse of Cellular intelligence, discretion, and spiritual wisdom; regeneration

SILVER BIRCH betula pendula - enhances ability to receive and to conceive; softens the need to control; dispels suffering & develops humility

WALLFLOWER cheiranthus - for hopelessness, endurance, preparedness; attuning to our own inner rhythms

WEIGELA weigela florida - helps to integrate experiences on the physical and emotional planes

YELLOW POND-LILY nuphar polysepalum - floating free of emotions and attachments; feeling strong and secure in my path; blesses relationships"


Length x Width x Height
26 cm x 8 cm x 2.4 cm

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