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Kit 1 - Native Wild Flowers (12 x 7.5 ML)

Kit 1 - Native Wild Flowers (12 x 7.5 ML)

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The collection of 24 wild flowers contained in Kits 1 and 2 is a representative sampling of the energy of Vancouver Island and the Pacific Northwest. It includes the brilliant oranges of the Arbutus tree, and the magenta haze of Fireweed. The flowers come from roadside ditches - Blue Lupin, and from the depths of cedar and pine forests - Candystick.

Many of these plants were used by the Indians as food supply - Salal, Blue Camas, Hooker's Onion. Some were used in a medicinal fashion - Pipsissewa for kidney problems, Plantain poultices applied externally to draw out toxins, Nootka Rose hips as a source of vitamin C.

They interact with many aspects of the human energy system and offer healing of the heart, mind and spirit. These plants embody the unique and ancient vibration of the Pacific Northwest and we are proud to offer them as our contribution to the global endeavour of flower essence therapy.

Kit 1 contains 12 individual essences:

BLUEBELL endymion non scriptus - For giving up constrainst; opening the channels of communication

BLUE CAMAS camassia quamash - For acceptance and objectivity; balances the intuitive and the rational; unifies the right and left brain

BLUE LUPIN lupinus rivularis - For clear and precise thinking

EASTER LILY erythronium oreganum - Encourages free expression of self; eliminates social masks

FIREWEED epilobium angustifolium - Realization of the abundance of love both within and without

GOATSBEARD aruncus sylvester - For the power to visualize oneself in a state of deep relaxation

HARVEST LILY broadiaea coronaris - Supportive to group energy; supports the ability to see another's point of view

HOOKER'S ONION allium cernuum - For feeling lighthearted and refreshed; nurtures creativity

ORANGE HONEYSUCKLE lonicera ciliosa - Evokes peaceful creativity

PLANTAIN plantago major - Releases mental blocks and draws off negativity

SALAL gaultheria shallon - For realizing our power to forgive ourselves and others

SNOWBERRY symphoricarpus albus - For accepting life as it is, in the moment


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