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Healing the Past for Animals
Healing the Past for Animals

Healing the Past for Animals

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  • Resonance:   Healing the Past
  • Key Challenges:   Self-destructive, Trauma, Abuse, Cowers, Shakes, Aloof, Withdrawn
  • Key Attractors:   Healing old wounds, Stress reduction, Fear resolution, Trust, Safety
  • Planes:   Physical,Emotional, Mental


For releasing traumatic cellular memories, healing the past, embracing the NOW


Healing the Past


Essences (Realm) Combinations for Animals
Resonance Healing the Past
Key Attractors Trust, Safety
Key Challenges Fearful - cowers, shakes, tail between legs, hides or urinates when afraid, Aloof or withdrawn around people or other animals, Easily stressed, Self destructive - chews self, pulls our feathers, excessive licking or destructive behaviour triggered by stre
Meridians Kidney, Bladder, Stomach, Lung, Heart, Heart Protector, Small Intestine
Chakras Forehead, Sacral/Sex, Throat, Solar Plexus, Third Eye/Ajna, Back Head, Heart
Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual


Length x Width x Height
11 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm

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