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Abundance Cards

Abundance Cards

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The Abundance Cards™ can be used as a tool for inspiration and transformation either alone or with the Abundance Essence™ or the Abundance Spray™. The cards are like intuitive guides to release anything that may be holding you back from living your life fully and enjoying the abundance that is available in this world of infinite possibilities.

The notion and experience of Abundance applies to all areas of our lives - health, work, relationships and how we feel about ourselves.

We live in a field of infinite possibilities. The whole universe and including our Body/Mind is energy and information constantly transforming and unfolding new options and directions.

Simply pick a card every day. Note which ones appear more than once. Perhaps there is a message here for you if you get the same card repeatedly. When you pick your card you can also take some Abundance Essence™ drops or use the Abundance Spray™.

Available in English, French, Japanese, German, Portuguese and Spanish.


Length x Width x Height
14 cm x 9 cm x 3 cm

Pacific Essences® are safe and easy to use. They support a return to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance.