The First Sea Essence on the Planet and How Sea Essences Can ‘Rock’ Your World

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On a warm sunny day in the summer of 1985 the first sea essence was born.  Michael and I had spent a lovely long weekend camping by a river – hiking in the bush, meeting new plants and just “grokking” Nature.   On the way home we play in the ocean.  As we were walking across this sandy beach we were both stopped by a Sand Dollar tugging at the edges of our consciousness. It's very hard to describe these experiences because I think we don't yet have vocabulary for this kind of knowingness.  Nonetheless we somehow both "knew" simultaneously that we were being called by this sea creature to make it into an essence.  And we even knew who we would be giving it to when it was done.  The only thing we didn't know was how to make a sea essence.  However, almost as clearly as knowing that we were to make an essence we also received the notions of how to complete the task. 

This day marked the introduction of a whole new range of frequencies in the pharmacopoeia of vibrational medicine.  And I am thrilled that Pacific Essences made the first sea essence on the planet.

Pacific Essences Sand Dollar

The gift of this first sea essence, Sand Dollar, is to assist us in seeing ourselves and our patterns with greater clarity. Everyone is unique. Every disease is unique, and each person will respond in a different manner, both to their symptoms and possible therapies. It is never appropriate for the therapist to ask someone with a life-threatening disease what they are getting out of it. This can easily result in feelings of major guilt, a toxic emotion which will undoubtedly exacerbate the symptoms. Some people have never even considered the possibility that they might create their own reality, so to burden them with that notion when they are probably already experiencing intense fear about the physical diagnosis they have just received is not very likely to be therapeutic.

Description  -  Sand Dollars are like space ships.  They are flat and circular.  On the upper surface is etched what looks like the five petals of a flower.  Beneath each petal is a tiny chamber in which resides a calcification that looks like a tiny bird.  Birds are often seen to represent Freedom.

Sand Dollar  dendraster excentricus - for discovering the underlying energy patterns which are creating the discomfort in our lives;  for disrupting the mirage and coming to our senses. 

Meridian - Lung

Chakra - Throat

Through the lung channel we take in not only oxygen to nourish our cells but also the life force, prana, or qi.   The life force is the very fabric from which we create integration and harmony between all the aspects of ourselves - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  Via the throat chakra we are able to express ourselves and offer our own unique gifts to the world.  The Sand Dollar essence assists us in identifying and removing the blocks to our own unique expression of perfect health and well being. 


Indeed when we gave this first sea essence to our friend it created a shift in an endless cycle of recurrences of her disease.  From within her own Body/Mind she received the information that she needed to create an energetic shift in the pattern in which she was enmeshed.

For us it began a most remarkable and delightful interaction with beings of the sea which led us from our own coastal waters in the Pacific Northwest, to swim with Dolphins and Whales and Sea Turtles in Hawaii, and even to the Philippines to make the first essence from Sea Horse, all the while discovering the healing gifts of these amazing plants and creatures who make their homes in our oceans.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine Water is the most Yin/receptive of the 5 elements.  And yet it is also the powerful.  It never gives up.  It just keeps flowing and finding it’s way.

“Under heaven nothing is more soft and yielding than water,
Yet for attacking the solid and strong, nothing is better;
It has no equal”

~ Lao Tsu


The Sea Essences lead to transformations in consciousness.  They support us to let go of fear and to be willing to expose and to examine the unconscious attitudes and beliefs that are holding us back. 

Perhaps the rigidity of our fears and unexamined myths and beliefs can only be transformed by the Yin qualities of Water, for by its very nature it demands and challenges us to “let go” into the direction of our own being.  And isn’t letting go” into life our first act as we claim human form when we leave the safe watery amniotic fluid of our mother’s womb, and embrace life on earth. 

“grokking” – experiencing in fullness

Sabina and Shiva

With love and blessings

Sabina Pettitt




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