Flower Essences - Discover the Many Uses and Benefits for Your Mind and Body

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Flower Essences are Energy Medicine from Nature. Flower Essences are made by floating the flowers of a plant in pure spring water in a crystal bowl. Usually this is done in the early morning so that the energy of the rising sun acts as a catalyst to transfer the unique energy of the plant into water.

Flower Essences are based on the understanding that each plant has its own individual signature or unique expression on earth. The Doctrine of Signature refers to the physical characteristics of the plant including its shape, colour, texture, and smell as well as the environment in which it thrives.

The Doctrine of Signature is the belief based on early observations of plants that their physical expression provides insight into the use of the plant and was a fundamental tenet of herbal medicine. In fact, many of our pharmaceuticals initially came from the medicinal uses of herbs. The Doctrine of Signature is the wisdom of Mother Nature and her desire to assist us with our healing.

Pacific Essences is one of the oldest Flower Essence producers in the world. In fact, 2023 marks our 40th anniversary. Most of us who began making Flower Essences in the early 80s was inspired by the work of Dr. Edward Bach who made the first 38 flower remedies in England in the 1930s. Each of the first ten producers knew nothing about each other but somehow felt called by the plants in our specific location to make essences and to see if they had any healing properties.

At Pacific Essences we were immersed in the understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the Mind/Body connection. TCM maps the underlying connections between Mind and Body and shows, for instance, how anger damages the liver but also how a damaged liver can lead to an angry temperament. From the beginning we documented all our research in the context of TCM and TCM became this bridge to help people understand how an essence might have an impact on a physical condition as well as an emotional state.

Flower Essences Benefits

The benefits of Flower Essences are broad and far reaching. For example, it turned out the Blue Camas was the best Flower Essence on the planet for children with dyslexia, ADD and learning disabilities. This Flower Essence became the key ingredient in a Combination Essence which we named Optimal Learning so that people would understand its possibilities for helping their learning challenged children.

The major benefit of using Flower Essences is that they support health and well-being of the whole person. Mind and Body are not separate but represent an infinite field of possibilities for growth and change and living healthy fulfilled lives. Flower Essences are gentle medicine that assist us to be the best we can be.

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Flower Essences Uses

The traditional way to use Flower Essences is 2 – 4 drops under the tongue four times per day. At Pacific Essences we discovered that there was much more compliance if people take their essences twice a day – 11 drops in the AM and 11 drops at night. The morning dose helps us to anchor the desired new state of being. The nighttime dose assists us to release challenges that may be preventing us from claiming a new state of being.

Since the skin is a major organ of absorption, Flower Essences can also be used in the bath. Put 22 drops in a bath of water and welcome the energy which Flower Essence offers. For example, if you wanted to encourage more self esteem you might put Vanilla Leaf Flower Essence in your bath. Or if you wanted to heal some past trauma, you might put Nootka Rose Flower Essence in your bath. Of course, all Flower Essences can be taken orally.

Flower Essences are safe for children and animals as well. Since they are a vibration either the Body/Mind will recognize the Flower Essence as beneficial or simply discard the energy.

With the research we have done at Pacific Essences we can see how physical, mental, and emotional re-balancing takes place and healing with Flower Essences can occur at all these levels.

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Where to buy Flower Essences

The best place to buy Flower Essences is directly from the producer www.pacificessences.com or from any of our authorized international distributors.

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