Creating a Pool of Precious Jewels

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The Healing Power of Gem Essences

Written by Pacific Essences facilitator Maryanne Campeau

He lay motionless and looked dead.
The room reeked of illness and strong, stale urine.

This was the second beaver brought into care in just over a month at the wildlife rehabilitation centre where I volunteered. He was in critical condition. It seems he ingested a fair bit of salt water and his kidneys were failing. The staff had already started him on homeopathic and primary care protocols. Even so, things weren’t optimistic.

My job was to do an Essence reading, then assess for further homeopathic remedies. Hematite and Tourmaline Gem Essences were indicated. Made sense. Hematite supports the Kidney meridian, Spleen Chakra and assists meridian flow while transforming negative energy. Tourmaline is a great energetic balancer working with all major chakras and meridians, as well as the Governing Vessel in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

It was clear that stabilizing this beaver was the priority. Tourmaline or Whale are my first choices to do so from an Essence perspective. I misted the room with Balancer®; along with Heart Spirit, these Combination Essences are valuable for clearing space of heavy discordant energy.

The beaver’s Essences and homeopathic remedies were repeated several times. Later, he seemed perkier and was put into a tub for a swim. He was more alert and mildly engaged with his surroundings. He growled at us. That’s a good sign.

Two days later, when I next checked in, he had been moved to the aquatics pen; evidence of his continued improvement. It has a spacious den box. This leads into a larger room with a circulating water pool. Boughs and branches had been arranged in the pen to make things more natural and homey for this woody lodge dweller. The resinous fragrance of chewed tree trunks and scattered wood chips confirmed that he was eating.

The second reading called for Gem Essences again. Rose Quartz (Heart Protector), Emerald (Heart), Opal (Spleen, Kidney) and Sapphire (Conception Vessel). Notably, several of these Essences are recommended for use in the bath. Specifically Opal, Emerald and his previous Tourmaline. Perfect for a water-loving mammal.

Any Essence can be added to the bath, and this is one of my favourite ways to integrate Essences into my day. I wondered, could we add the Essences to the circulating pool? Sure. The gentle agitation of the water would continuously activate them. 

As I watched him swim and submerge I thought, Emeralds, Sapphires, Rose Quartz and Opals, could you have picked a more beautiful array of jewels?  I imagined the pool bottom covered with these stunning gems. Rich and healing blues, greens, pinks and radiant Fire Opals. An undulating beaver breaking the image focus within my mind’s eye. The Essences lack the physical dimension of these precious gemstones but their vibrational characteristics would create a resonant treasure rich with healing for our recovering rodent.

One of the rehabilitation staff asked how Beaver’s reading went. I still had the picture of a pool full of gems in my head. “He has good taste,” I said.


Note: A version of this article was previously published in Pacific Essences’ newsletter in 2013. Beaver photos and case story used with permission (Photo credit: Christina Carrières / BC SPCA Wild ARC)

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