May Joy Be With You

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Joy. Miriam-Webster Dictionary defines joy as "the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires".

Rumi says, "The soul is here for its own joy."

Joy can come in many different forms for different people. A walk on the beach, a deep meditation, realizing you've overcome a personal obstacle, sharing a laugh with family and friends... the list goes on. 

What does Joy mean for you? Take a look at the flower and sea essences below and see which one draws you in. May joy be with you. 

Pacific Essences - Douglas Astor Flower Essence

Douglas Asteraster subspicatus RADIANCE

JOY – from expanding beyond our limitations
endless expansion while maintaining our centre; savoring life experience: living fully and consciously; promotes courage and adaptability

“What joy there is in expansion.
What delight in self expression.
I am a channel for the Light of heaven.
Drink of my essences and replenish your life force/source.”

Pacific Essences Nootka Rose Flower Essence
Nootka Rose – rosa nutkana LOVE

JOY – from feeling the connection with Spirit
expressing love of life, laughter, and joy

“Let me take your cares from you.
Let me show you that the thorns of life are part of the whole.
I offer my beauty and fragrance along with the thorns.
Life is like the rose –
The thorns which you experience are a gift.
You can choose to keep your wounds open and bleeding
Or you can move forward into the Light.”

Pacific Essences Snow Drop Flower Essence
SnowdropGalanthus nivalis DELIGHT

JOY – from exploring life with curiosity and enthusiasm
for letting go, lightening up, having fun

“Imagine the vitality it takes to push through the frozen earth.
Imagine the delight I feel when I am above the earth and
Bathing in the winter sun.
I offer you this same inner strength.
I will nourish your essence and warm your heart
So that you too can express your vitality.”

Pacific Essences Vanilla Leaf Flower Essence
Vanilla Leaf - achlys triphylla SELF-ESTEEM

JOY – through celebrating our own uniqueness
affirmation and acceptance of one’s self

“Do not feel small in relation to others.
Make no comparisons.
Allow yourself to manifest your perfect infinite potential.
Express yourself. Show yourself.
Stand straight and tall in the spotlight of yourself.”

pacific essences jellyfish

Jellyfishaurelia aurita EMBRACING

JOY – through living in the present moment
for fluidity and letting go into the experience

“Through my transparency I am able to see clearly
through the window of my heart.
Through my fluidity I am able to see
infinite possibility.
I offer you the gift
of loving unconditionally.”

Pacific Essences Dolphin Sea Essence

Dolphinstenella longirostris LIGHTHEARTEDNESS

JOY – through being playful and lighthearted
appreciation for “all that is”

“I am the angel of the sea. I spend my days in harmony.
Let me show you how to dispel your heaviness,
And dance like me.
There is nothing so serious or terrible that it can
snuff out the light of your soul.
When you are feeling heavy, call on me.
I will lift your spirit and nurture your soul.
Why do you think that I leap out of the water?
merely to express my delight in my ability to do so.”



Sabina and Shiva

With love and blessings

Sabina Pettitt


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