12 Vibrant Summer Flower Essences

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One simple and powerful way to engage with Flower Essences is to think about what would be in full luscious bloom at any particular time. For instance, the start of the summer season brings many beautiful flowers, and engaging with the vibrational energy of these beings while they are naturally at their peak can add another layer of nature connection to your experience.


Twin Flower Essence

Twin Flower Essence promotes compassion and acceptance, the awareness that all is much greater than we can perceive or understand. It helps to soften critical attitudes toward everything and everyone, including ourselves. It gives the gift of discernment and the ability to make choices in tune with our inner journey.


Indian Pipe Essence

Indian Pipe Essence promotes reconciliation with others and helps us to make peace with the self - it encourages reverence for all of life. This Essences allows us to 'stand alone in closeness' so that we can be fully in relationship and community while maintaining and expressing our own unique way of being. It counteracts negative self-talk and banishes feelings of worthlessness.

Snowberry Essence

Snowberry Essence helps us to accept life as it is, right in the present moment. It dissolves resistance to what is, and gently leads us to acceptance. Situations and experiences may not appear to make sense, but Snowberry invites us to embrace them wholeheartedly. This Essence fortifies the link between the Crown and Heart chakras, and leads to vibrancy of the Heart.

Fairy Bell Essence

Fairy Bell Essence grants a lighthearted release from murky thoughts and expands our willingness to follow our own guidance. This Essence can ease depression, helping us to find the light when the mental darkness seems overwhelming and endless. It thaws both frozen feelings and frozen body patterns, dispelling resistance to growth and inviting our inner wisdom to lead us.

Douglas Aster Essence

Douglas Aster Essence invites endless expansion while maintaining centre, reminding us to savour life experiences and live both fully and consciously. This Essence promotes courage and adaptability through maintaining a strong connection to our source - this way, whatever turbulence is experienced is easily weathered.

Harvest Lily Essence

Harvest Lily Essence can be supportive to group energy - it promotes the ability to see another's point of view. A remedy of expansion and awakening, Harvest Lily helps us to move beyond ego boundaries and recognize 'others' as the same Self. This Essence provides an energy matrix for the unification of group energy, particularly helpful when two opposing groups are involved in negotiating a win-win outcome.

Nootka Rose Essence

Nootka Rose Essence opens us to expressing love, laughter, and joy. This beautiful flower is the embodiment of Spirit - it centres us in the Heart chakra, promotes laughter, and dissolves bitterness and resentment. It allows us to embrace life even when we have sustained physical, emotional, or mental trauma, balancing the Heart Protector meridian to make way for love in the heart itself.

Ox-Eye Daisy Essence

Ox-Eye Daisy Essence is a remedy for being centred and granting total perspective. Related to the Kidney meridian and the Third Eye chakra, Ox-Eye Daisy dissolves the energy blocks of fear that prevent us from seeing clearly. It is the Essence of choice when we are really striving to see something in a new light, to gain perspective and understanding.

Alum Root Essence

Alum Root Essence gives the ability to move in a pattern without having to do it 'your' way, and a willingness to chose 'to be' with trust and gentleness. A powerful remedy for resolving and dissolving the power struggles that often manifest in relationships, Alum Root helps us to eliminate projections and move toward easy-going acceptance - light dispelling dark.

Yellow Pond-Lily Essence

Yellow Pond-Lily Essence brings the invitation to float free of emotions and attachments, to feel strong and secure in our path. This Essence helps us to subtly work with the heart, allowing us to drift away from emotional attachment with grace and ease, while fostering a secure sense of who we are. No emotional baggage to weigh us down, no emotional drama to consume our energy.

Goatsbeard Essence

Goatsbeard Essence helps us access the power to visualize ourselves in a state of deep relaxation - to see ourselves as calm and relaxed in stressful situations. It activates the thymus gland to deal with stress effectively. This is a remedy of non-action, of resolving tension by creating a state of inner alignment before taking action.

Red Huckleberry Essence

Red Huckleberry Essence invites us to experience the power of introspection, of allowing ourselves to be nourished by taking time to digest. This Essence helps us to connect with our storehouse of intelligence, discretion, and spiritual wisdom. Red Huckleberry reminds us that by attuning to the cycles of nature - both on the planet and within our physical bodies - we find the life-supporting balance between being and doing.


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