The Creation of the Goddess Essences

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December 31 2020 is the 30th anniversary of the making of the first 9 goddess essences.  As with almost all the essences it was a serendipitous and magical experience.  It had been an incredibly challenging year as my brother closest to me in age had died suddenly and unexpectedly.  It was a year of grief and immense sadness and feeling as if my whole childhood had vanished along with that physical being who teased me mercilessly and loved me immeasurably.  What he teased me about mostly were the essences and he used to say that the active ingredient was the brandy and that’s what made people feel good.  The irony of those taunts is that he had a much larger connection with his knowing and intuition and I was much more into understanding how we would “empirically prove” the value of these potions.


Goddess Essences

Beginning in the summer and continuing into the fall of 1990 new gemstones started appearing in our lives.  Despite the fact that we already had 60 gem essences these new stones seemed to be calling to us in a different manner – one in which the original mother essence would be made by combining two or more of these new stones.  Michael had bought me a waterfall fountain and we were guided to place stones on each of the 5 levels and leave them there overnight to be cleansed of any energies from where they had come.  We also had chanting music playing in the room while this cleansing was taking place.  Then on the night of the Full Blue Moon (New Year’s Eve) we placed the stones on the roof and let them sit through the night and then in the sunlight for most of the next day.  (We made all the gem essences with both sun and moon potentization.)  We then numbered the 9 jars and noted which gemstones were included in each jar. 


It was a while before we began to explore what these essences were about.  We really had no idea.  But one Sunday morning we sat in our living room and each took some drops of the jar numbered 7 and sat with the energy.  When we returned from our meditative state Michael began describing what he had seen and I recognized fragments of the story of the Egyptian goddess Isis. It is a story of the infinite love between soul mates and the betrayal and jealousy and greed of a sibling.  It’s a BIG story.  But not unfamiliar and certainly not the only story of its kind throughout history and in many cultures.

pacific essences isis


While I had recognized Isis in this first encounter I was not of the expectation that all the essences would be linked to goddesses and their life challenges and triumphs.  However this is exactly what unfolded.  As we proceeded with our research every Sunday morning for a few weeks 9 goddess energies emerged and it was clear that we had birthed some new energies which might assist both women and men resolve similar challenges in their own lives by taking essences which addressed those issues and patterns.  It was clear from the outset that the essences were for both men and women.  After all each of us has an animus and an anima – (a male and female soul).  And whether we are in a male body or a female body we will suffer the loss of a child when it is kidnapped by the other parent as in the case of Demeter and Persephone.  And the child who loses one parent will likely suffer the consequences of feeling abandoned by the parent who did not hang onto him or her. 


It is suggested that goddesses are such elevated beings or deities by having super human powers.  Frankly I believe they start out as ordinary beings with ordinary lives and then something happens, some really big challenge – death, betrayal, trauma and they are called to respond in a new and bigger way in order to survive.  And not only to survive but to be able to live in such a way as to inspire others by the choices they make in the face of extreme stress and challenge to live in alignment with their inner being and inner knowing.


pacific essences kuan yin

Take Kuan Yin for example.  Born to a wealthy overlord, the youngest of three daughters, Kuan Yin was a gentle caring being from the time she could walk and speak.  When she was walking through the village streets with her father’s entourage she would want to stop to give water to someone who appeared to be thirsty and tired.  Her father chastised her for such behaviour telling her that it was beneath her status.  But Kuan Yin could not resist and kept performing these acts of kindness much to the chagrin of her father and elder sisters.  One day her father sent her to a nunnery and demanded that the nuns give her all the most difficult tasks to perform so that she would begin to appreciate her status as the daughter of a warlord and be prepared to fulfill her destiny as prescribed by her father and his role in society.  Fearing the wrath of the warlord the nuns made Kuan Yin sweep the floors, gather the firewood and carry the water.  But the ‘lovingkindness’ energy emanating from Kuan Yin called to the animals in the forest who came to assist her with all these physical labours.  The snake carried the water for her.  The tiger brought the wood.  And a beautiful peacock swept the floor with his magnificent tail feathers.


When her father learned of this assistance he became enraged and ordered his soldiers to set fire to the monastery.  The tiger came to rescue Kuan Yin and carried her to a place where the land touched the ocean and there they were met by a beautiful dolphin.  Transferring to the back of the dolphin Kuan Yin was carried through the underworld and emerged on an island where it is believed she lives to this day as a Boddhisatva – a being who is committed to staying in human form until all sentient beings are relieved of suffering.


I guess one might ask if I take Kuan Yin will I have to be a Boddhisatva?  And what if I don’t want to be?  I do not for a minute think that this is a necessary outcome.  I do think however that anyone who has had a difficult journey with a male parent or even a dominant and controlling female parent might benefit from using Kuan Yin.  One of the fundamental aspects of Kuan Yin’s journey was that she managed to fulfill her unique purpose - despite the odds.


Sometimes, like Radha, we seem called to be someone and to do something which seems unreasonable and impossible in the circumstances to which we have been born.  Radha was a milkmaid and Krishna was a prince.  But when Krishna played his flute Radha was called to be his consort and both celebrated their physical embodiment as well as their eternal divine connection.  When they were together it was as if all barriers to their union were dissolved.  Radha cultivates within us the qualities of tenderness, compassion, love and devotion.  A love story??  Yes!  But even more than that a call to each of us to celebrate our physical embodiment and to engage in divine lila (the world is born in  freedom and playful creativity).


There are many ways to use the goddess essences.  Obviously the first one would be if you had a similar life experience to one of the goddesses and wanted to heal the consequences of that experience.  Another way would be if you felt some confusion about your ‘stuckness’ or what might feel like a missing piece in your reality.  Apart from our original research at least 3 other people from Brazil, Japan and Canada set themselves to doing a personal journey with each of the goddesses – taking one goddess per month and diarizing the impact.  In these journeys people reported vivid dreams and other insights which assisted them in sorting out current challenges in their lives and provided new ways to approach stubborn patterns.  For example having used Kali for a month one person reported that she had gained a degree of anger management whereas before taking the essence, she had a kind of knee jerk reaction to move into anger immediately things did not seem to be going her way.  Kali of course is way bigger than that but what a useful painless way to resolve anger which can be so detrimental to ourselves and those around us.  So yes just doing the goddesses with curiosity as a personal journey is definitely a good way to explore these essences.  And finally of course the easiest way might just be to look at what qualities and skills the goddess embodied in her life journey and if you are called to enhancing those qualities in your own life, just go for it and see what happens.


The thing I have always loved most about all the essences is that there are no harmful side effects.  I truly believe that our Body/Mind is more than capable of recognizing energies which will improve the quality of our lives and discarding or ignoring energies we do not require to make our lives more fulfilled.



Sabina and Shiva

With love and blessings

Sabina Pettitt



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