Relaxation Is In Bloom: The 5 Best Flower Essences For Stress Relief

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While no single remedy can cure an illness, flower essence therapy can at least reduce the person's physical, emotional, and mental responses to it. When you try to fight a disease, sometimes you succeed, sometimes you fail. But, flower essences affect people on a deep emotional and spiritual level. They inspire self-awareness and promote consciousness, which are crucial parts of the healing process.

It can be rightly said that flower essence therapy is closely related to homeopathy. Below listed are five flower essences that are known to help relieve stress and promote relaxation, making them some of the best natural remedies around. 

What Are Flower Essences?

Natural remedies made from flowers restore harmony and balance by treating emotional and mental imbalances. Flower essences are made from flowering parts of plants. Flower essences can be taken orally or topically on the skin. Flower essences are made by floating the flowers of a plant in pure spring water and leaving it in sunlight for 2 - 3 hours.  Then the water is preserved with alcohol. This is why all essences smell and taste the same.

Grape Hyacinth Flower Essence

Grape Hyacinth flower essence is just what you need when you have experienced some shock or trauma whether it is physical or emotional. It's all about helping you to be able to take a breath and step back and find perspective. This essence can provide you with a sense of peace and clarity. You may also be able to see things objectively, which will improve your decision-making abilities when you are feeling stressed out.

Blue Lupin Flower Essence 

Blue Lupin is a flower essence that offers clarity and attention. When you're feeling overwhelmed, it can be difficult to focus on anything else. With Blue Lupin, you will have clarity of mind and heightened attention in times of stress, making decision-making and other cognitive activities more manageable. It clears and calms the emotions so they do not have the power to dominate one's life and opens the heart chakra so one can be at peace during stressful or confusing times. 

Fairy Bell Flower Essence

Take the weight off and bring some levity back into your life with Fairy Bell Flower essence, a natural essence that you can apply under your tongue 11drops in the morning and 11 drops before you go to bed. it's an excellent general tonic to promote a feeling of calm and well-being and is ideal for people facing mental or emotional difficulties. The result is many healing effects including relief of depression, grief, and stress.  

Periwinkle Flower Essence

You should choose Periwinkle flower essence if you want to feel centered and grounded. The soothing and peaceful colour will make you feel less stressed. You may find this formula particularly helpful if you are feeling as if everything is hopeless and you are trapped in a dark cloud of negativity. Take 11 drops each morning and evening.

Goatsbeard Flower Essence

During times when life feels chaotic, it can be hard to relax. But with Goatsbeard flower essence by your side, you can find stillness among the busyness. By promoting meditation, visualization, and fantasy, Goatsbeard's unique formula promotes calm thinking. So put it to use for the next time you're feeling frazzled and let the calming effects do their work. The most valuable attribute of this essence is that when we are in emotional equilibrium and our minds are calm it has been shown that our immune system is much more powerful.

Benefits Of Flower Essences

There are many benefits to using flower essences. They can be used for healing physical maladies, emotional balancing, and even mental disorders. Known for being gentle, safe, and non-toxic, these liquid essences are also easy to use and carry in your purse or bag. Many remedies can be made from flower essences, but five have been found to reduce stress the most. They all decrease anxiety and produce feelings of peace and tranquility when ingested orally or applied topically on the skin.

Where To Buy Flower Essences?

One easy way to naturally reduce stress and promote relaxation is to take flower essences. In fact, flower essences are more akin to homeopathy than herbal medicine. Herbal medicine is based on the chemical compounds found in the plants whereas homeopathy is the energy imprint of a plant. At Pacific Essences, you can find a variety of flower essence collections.

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