Pacific Essences - Kit 2 Native Wild Flowers

Kit 2 - Native Wild Flowers (12 x 7.5 ML)

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"The collection of 24 wild flowers contained in Kits 1 and 2 is a representative sampling of the energy of Vancouver Island and the Pacific Northwest. It includes the brilliant oranges of the Arbutus tree, and the magenta haze of Fireweed. The flowers come from roadside ditches - Blue Lupin, and from the depths of cedar and pine forests - Candystick.

Many of these plants were used by the Indians as food supply - Salal, Blue Camas, Hooker's Onion. Some were used in a medicinal fashion - Pipsissewa for kidney problems, Plantain poultices applied externally to draw out toxins, Nootka Rose hips as a source of vitamin C.

They interact with many aspects of the human energy system and offer healing of the heart, mind and spirit. These plants embody the unique and ancient vibration of the Pacific Northwest and we are proud to offer them as our contribution to the global endeavour of flower essence therapy.

Kit 2 contains 12 individual essences:

ARBUTUS arbutus menziesii - spiritual tonic: enhances qualities of depth and integrity

CANDYSTICK allotropa virgata - physical tonic: releases pelvic tension and promotes pelvic alignment

CHICKWEED stellaria media - for acknowledging and experiencing timelessness; being fully present and able to respond

DEATH CAMAS zygadenus venenosus - spiritual rebirth: for awareness of the spiritual connection with all of life

GRASS WIDOW sisyrinchium douglasii - for releasing old beliefs and limiting patterns

NOOTKA ROSE rosa nutkana - for expressing love of life, laughter, and joy

OX-EYE DAISY chrysanthemum leucanthemum - total perspective; for being centred

PIPSISSEWA chimaphila umbellata - decision maker: clears ambivalence

POISON HEMLOCK conium maculatum - for letting go: for moving through transition periods without getting stuck

SALMONBERRY rubus spectabilis - physical tonic: spinal alignment and structural balancing

TWIN FLOWER linnaea borealis - non judgement

VANILLA LEAF achlys triphylla - affirmation and acceptance of one's self"

11 drops orally morning and evening.


11 drops orally morning and evening.