Introducing The Power of One

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Did you know that 2023 marks Pacific Essences’ 40th anniversary? To celebrate this milestone, I considered creating pens or t-shirts, but I wanted to mark this moment with something that aligned with our purpose. Something that highlighted the healing power of energy medicine from Nature, and that helped people feel more capable of navigating their own lives.

I am so excited to introduce The Power of One as part of our 40th anniversary celebration.

Power of One Program

Creating The Power of One

It all began with a tide change out at Botanical Beach.

Botanical Beach

As the pull of the tide shifted, we noticed the profound silence which occurs at the precise moment that the tide starts to return to shore.  So way back then – 2009 I think – we began collecting the first water that flowed over a rocky ledge into one of the tide pools at this special moment. Everyone who experienced this moment reported feeling like they were connecting with something way bigger than themselves. They experience a moment of wonder and awe at the majesty of this precious resource which covers 80% of our planet and also makes up 75–80 % of our physical bodies.

Over the years we played with this Essence – taking it ourselves and giving it to others. We all had similar experiences of feeling fully present in this moment. What does that mean? Well for me, it’s kind of like feeling that anything could be possible because every part of me – body, mind, and spirit – are in alignment to make a choice. It’s like stepping into the field of infinite possibilities. And so we named this Essence Infinite Potential.

Essence of Success

As I shared in a newsletter earlier this year, in 2018 we were guided to make an Essence from the abundant, fragrant blooms of our rose garden. We called this Essence, capturing the energetic vibration of love made visible, the Essence of Success.

Then in 2019, we were asked to make a special Essence to coincide with the new era that was launched in Japan with the coronation of their new Emperor. This Essence was named Ibuki in Japanese, which translated means to breathe something into or inspire something. The concept is to breathe a new beginning into the world. The images associated with this Essence are bringing hope, rejuvenation, uplifting, and supporting one's direction or one's path in mission. This is A New World of Hope.

New World of Hope Essence

So, we had these three Essences, and I felt sure that somehow they were meant to be working together to inspire people to be who they could be, and to live a life of fulfillment.

Then COVID happened, and I offered an online workshop in Brazil and called it The Power of One. This teaching was designed to help people:

- to disengage from the madding crowd
- to discover and access new ways to tap into their own inner knowing
- to live a life of loving and caring for themselves and others

The participants in Brazil loved it, and they loved the three Essences, and they asked for a guidebook to accompany them. They felt like each of these Essences brought unique gifts to the person taking them, but that together as a commitment to oneself - like the Abundance Program - they could really empower people to pause and reflect on where they were and where they might want to be.

The Power of One Program

Launching The Power of One

Today, The Power of One – complete with Essences and Playbooks – is finally here! There is one Playbook with 11 exercises for each Essence, an instruction card to direct you how to use the Essences and the exercises, and bottles of the three Essences to take twice each day while you are engaged in the program.

The accompanying guides are called ‘Playbooks’ because they are meant to be playful and fun.  For each exercise, there is a blank square page when the book is opened flat. The directions for the exercise are at the top of the right-hand page. The exercise space is yours to explore – you can draw pictures, write words upside down or in circles! Just go with what feels right in the moment, with what surfaces in your mind and heart.

The idea is to open up new perspectives and new pathways in your brain, so that you don’t just keep doing the same old things and expecting different outcomes. Or worse still, not even expecting an outcome because you are so buried in the daily grind.

The renowned self-help teacher, Wayne Dyer – who started his life in the foster system and became one of America’s top motivational coaches – said, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” The Power of One is an opportunity to take stock of yourself and your life with loving awareness. Then perhaps you might be inspired to make some new choices, with the gentle assistance of these powerful Essences. 

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