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I am delighted to announce the 5 winners of our essence contest and to share with you the stories they submitted.

But first I want to thank everyone who shared their stories of using our essences.  It was truly heartwarming to hear how Pacific Essences have impacted the lives of so many people and in so many different ways.  And I wish everyone could have been a winner!!! 

The winners were randomly selected from all the submissions we received.  Read their amazing stories...

Gayle K, a flight attendant who used Optimal LearningBalancer and Fearlessnessto successfully pass her annual re-certification exams.

Nicole G, who used the Goddess essences to boost her confidence and find her own Goddess within.

Melissa V, who had a life changing experience with Fireweed.

Tazuko K, who has had amazing success with our Essences for Animals.

Susan D, who used Sea Essences, Tree and Plant essences to regulate her thyroid function.



pacific essences balancer spray

“I always take my annual stressful test with anxiety, but pacific essences saves the day and my career!

I start taking Optimal LearningBalancer and Fearlessness about 2 weeks in advance of my big day, and I just breeze through it with a perfect score and results. yaaaaaay!

I am so happy I know about the power and gentleness of these essences.  
thank you mother nature and planet earth. and for Sabina being the beautiful channel to share it with the world and planet. anytime I travel I take my essences and I can face the world and everything goes easy and effortlessly in a perfect way. what bliss and blessings! or for any challenge it will give u an armor of protection and attract good and happy vibes into your aura and all around you. I am so lucky for these gifts to help make life a lot easier and to spread the love and light that we need these days and all the shifts
going on. so start taking the essences and give a big smile to the world!

cheers, g”


pacific essences goddess remedies kit

“My name is Nicole, and I started using Pacific Essences at a time where I needed to boost my confidence and tap into a wisdom that came from beyond myself and my earthly teachers.

I found my altar filled with the Goddesses Set, and every morning and night would sit by my altar and pray with and to the Goddesses to receive their support and wisdom in my life. I enjoyed 10 drops morning and night, along with 3 drops into a "dream" vessel that I would dip my finger into and touch to my 3rd eye, throat, heart and mani pura (solar plexus). This ritual supported my transformation into a confident, strong woman, ready to offer my skills into the world. They helped me remember my own Goddess nature. And I can still feel the goddesses with me, a year later! They are continuing to support and nourish my experience here on Earth. I am grateful for the energy medicine of the goddesses and the creators of pacific essences ~ thank you!”

“An essence combination that really showed me their profound effect was one with Fireweed in it.

Pacific Essences Fireweed Essence

Within a few weeks, I started to feel this intro-cellular tingling, a releasing and letting go of old stories and trauma held in my physical body. I compared this to a previous similar experience that took several months of being in massage therapy school of touching and being touched every day.

What took a few weeks with essences, took several months in physical touch.”


Pacific Essences Animal Essences

“I have been using Pacific Essences for quite some time, the most remedy I use a lot is "Endings and Beginnings" and "Balancer" I work with animals, especially with senior dogs and cats. A lot of time I face that animals are in transitions, so I recommend their owners to use these remedies and be prepared for themselves. Even for myself, I have lost many animals, one of my beloved animals, a 23 year old cat Pistachio, she was aging and had a bit of dementia, I knew it was her time soon, so I kept spraying the "Endings and Beginnings" on her a few times a day, one day while I was giving her Reiki, she peacefully went into the rainbow bridge in my hands, that was the best moment I was able to witness. She did not suffer through the transition and she left this world with the right moment. These remedies have been helping my animals and my clients and myself. Ever since I keep recommending these products to my clients and friends.”

“I have literally for the third time, been able to shift my personal blood lab results, from abnormal levels to normal range.

I have my life back because of Pacific Essences.  Thank you Deeply Sabina Pettiitt. With your attention to healing with vibrations through the essences, you have made a difference in our world. SO.. How did I do it ?

Pacific Essences Elderberry Essence

Through the use of choosing specific Essences, usually 5-6 of them at a time. I would choose ones that spoke to me the loudest making a list of al their properties, chakra meanings, as well as meridians/organs / systems. in other words All 4 bodies ( physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ) for the most part the Sea Essences group,  although the last couple of times I have added plants, and a tree Elderberry. 

In all three cases of my story here, with my blood work, I would come back with TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Range), Free T3, and T4 Thyroxine That were showing abnormal highs and or lows. I would then be pinned with Hypothyroidism. Which was not correct.. All 3 times. I had blood work that read the said title, only I would say, wait I don't have those symptoms.. I have Hyperthyroidism. systems?? Yet something else is at play here ..First time, 2013.

I did take medicine for Hypothyroidism, I got very ill it wasn't the answer. New Doc took me off the med said I should have never been on it, I did the 5/6 Essences and Pinal tuning fork daily, within 6 weeks my doctors saw my blood work read normal. Second time 4/2021 again this happens with my blood work I ask my now doc, please give me 6 weeks, and draw my blood again He said okay.. Results. Normal!! I then decided to stop the essences, to see what would happen.. I wanted to show the doctor it wasn't just luck or a fluke. my blood work slightly went back.

SO.. I Started again Results. Normal again ! Translation proven I did not have Hypothyroidism. I did add the adrenal tuning fork to the pineal one. Here is an example of blood work :TSH Date 04/20/21 9.16 m/u/mL HIGH, Date 06/16/2021, 2.68 normal. Stopped Essences I love data! 10/12/21 5.18 HIGH, restarted forks, added new pacific essences results : Date 11/21/21 Same 5.8 HIGH, Date 01/18 2022 ( my most current ). 4.11 Normal ! T4 Thyroxine, had been low, 0.56. now normal., Free T3 Date 10/12/21, 2.55ng/mL LOW, Date 11/23/2021 2.55ng/mL LOW, 01/18/22 ( my most current ) 3.18 Normal !! Dr Wilford trusted me to try my way. No easy Feat with Western Medicine I am grateful !!

This Does require courage, not accepting defeat, listening to one's own heart/ intuition. Today I soar. I feel great !! brain fog, fatigue, feelings of stress. etc. have lifted my doctors all agree she doesn't need medicine Nor am I diagnosed, with either Hyper or Hypothyroidism. I am quite the success story, I have nearly died more then once. Yet I am here. I love to inspire people, we are boundless, in possibilities.

We are given the many blessings of Mother Earth, and all her kingdoms, a long with the Cosmos of heavenly beings of Love, and Light. May we find our power is in Love beyond measure. May we be kind, filled with compassion. Unity as One, peace within. and may we never forget to take care of our dear planet Earth. I am beyond grateful of Pacific Essences.

You have been my lifeline..

Thank you from the deepest center of my Divine Heart.  Many Blessings, Susan”

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