Embracing the Goddess Within

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Have you ever felt as if you just cannot deal with this – person, situation, loss, or even success? That life as it is being experienced by you is just too much and you have neither the mental or emotional capacity to digest the experience? This is the perfect time to be inspired and potentially healed by stories of how others have handled similar experiences.

Enter the Goddesses!!!!!

Goddess ShaktiEvery culture has archetypes of the divine feminine – beings who have been elevated to the status of goddess because of their seemingly super human capacity to embrace challenges (Isis, Demeter, Persephone, Sita) or modeled the living of an extraordinary and exemplary life (Kuan Yin, Lakshmi, Radha) or simply expressed phenomenal energetic wisdom which cuts through the delusion of “this is who you are, this is who I am, this is how it is” (Kali, Maya, Shakti). And of course there are hundreds more but nine of these came to us on New Year’s Eve 1990 and the tenth one, Lakshmi, showed up after being on a retreat in India in 2003 with Master Choa Kok Sui. They arrived with the message that they were here to offer healing to all of humanity – both men and women, to cultivate the qualities inherent within their vibrations. In other words they acted in a similar manner to other essences by either attracting some new desirable state of being or by deleting/cancelling some challenging state of being. The only difference being that we can relate to the goddesses through the expression of their archetype.

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A parent who has lost a child because the other parent has removed their child to another city, or even country, knows the grief of Demeter firsthand. A person who has lost the love of their life through some kind of trauma can easily resonate with the story of Isis. A male or female child who is the offspring of a rigid and controlling father can heal that wounding of the inner child and embrace their own animus in a clear and empowering manner – Kuan Yin. And the child who blames his/her father or mother for all their woes can benefit greatly from Persephone.

Essentially goddesses can help us to write a new story of our own life so that we are not carrying the past and are able to move forward into our future with more grace and ease.

Goddess Kali

Moreover, the goddesses who did not have physical incarnations – (Kali, Maya, Shakti) are available to help us to manage our daily life experience.  Maya can help us to see through and to disengage from the melodrama.  When we want to stop the stories and inner chatter and remember who we really are, this goddess will assist. Kali dissolves the fear of death, and assists in dealing with anger and addictions. And Shakti frees up our energy to be used in whatever manner is best for us in the moment. This is a great goddess essence to take with you to yoga or tai chi practice. It addresses issues of survival, power and control and promotes a fluidity in Body/Mind/Spirit.

One of the most interesting ways to use the goddess essences is by taking them one at a time and journaling with them daily.  One of our students in Brazil did a project like this for her certification.  She herself does past life regressions and hypnosis and she and a friend who is a Jungian therapist committed to taking one goddess every month for 10 months to see what happened. They each took the essence daily and made notes on any insight or experience they had. Then once a month they got together and compared notes. They were both astonished at the synchronicity they experienced and also what emerged from their own unconscious. One of the most powerful realizations for both of them was that somehow it felt as if they were doing ancestral healing. It was as if the problem that resolved was not in their immediate life experience but that in fact it had been the experience of a grandmother or great grandfather. In other words the insult or injury was actually somewhere else in their lineage but somehow existed in their cell memory.

Goddess Isis

I have always loved the idea that whatever healing work I do for myself that I am contributing to the well-being of my family for the next 7 generations. And that even if I don’t have children myself, I am certainly part of the fabric of a family lineage and contribute my story and my healing to that lineage.

When we engage with a goddess it can be a powerful reflection of the quality of our lives and an empowering impetus to make necessary shifts to allow the divinity with each of us to emerge.


PS - What’s the difference between a goddess and a witch?  Nothing if you consider that a witch is a Woman In Total Control of Herself = someone who is able to respond with calm demeanor to whatever and whoever is in front of her.  Witches, of course, also had super human powers like the capacity to heal and especially to use plants for healing and to communicate with animals. Sadly they were vilified and burned at the stake in the culture of the day.

I like to think of using the goddesses as an opportunity to step back from the frenzied pace of our lives and connect with that place of calm demeanor and then to reflect on – is this who I want to be? – is this who  you really are?  - is this how I want my life to be?

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