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A few weeks ago, we received an email from a customer in Ireland advising that she had purchased Rainbow Kelp Essence from someone in the UK who claims to sell our Essences. The product she received tasted like water, and she complained to the seller that the product was not the same and did not feel the same as the Pacific Essences® she had purchased directly from us in the past. He replied that he was selling ‘dosage’ bottles, and offered her no further information or recourse.

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We visited his website and discovered that not only was this person claiming to sell our Essences, but he was also using our logo and verbatim product descriptions, including entire pages of text out of my book Energy Medicine – Healing from the Kingdoms of Nature.

Our sanctioned UK distributor reached out to this seller. He readily agreed to remove our logo and longer verbatim texts, all the while claiming that he was doing people a service by selling dosage bottles. The problem is, he is not certified by Pacific Essences® as an Energy Medicine® Practitioner – our designation for completing our training and demonstrating some in-depth knowledge of our system. From our perspective, he should not be preparing dosage bottles for people without this training. This policy is also supported by the British Flower Essence Association - see their ‘Statement on Essence Plagiarism’ here.  

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While we were dismayed to discover that this individual was ostensibly using our products – and certainly our name – to sell material without our consent, even more concerning to us was his failure to adequately address his customer’s concern. This is not aligned with our customer-centred practices and values.

Pacific Essences® is one of the oldest flower Essence companies in the world, and we take pride in our products and our customer service. We ship quickly, and if anyone complains about a product we take it seriously – thoroughly investigating and resolving the complaint. We care about our customers and their experience with our Essences.

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As part of our commitment to customer service, we are choosing to share this information with you because we want you to always be able to access the authentic product. We do have global distributors who we work closely with to make our Essences more easily accessible in different countries. If someone is legitimately an Energy Medicine® Practitioner, they will be able to show you a certificate from us. Our legitimate global distributors of Pacific Essences® are listed on our website.  All our distributors have been to Canada and taken our Energy Medicine® Practitioner training – they are as committed as we are to preserving the integrity and quality of Pacific Essences® products.

We welcome inquiries from potential distributors in other countries because we understand that shipping is expensive. However, it is much worse to pay less for shipping and not get the legitimate product at the end of the day. While we are actively working to ensure that only sanctioned Pacific Essences® products are available for purchase, we wanted to raise your awareness and give you the tools you might need to verify the authenticity and certification of your Essence supplier.

Sabina Pettitt - Founder of Pacific Essences

With love and blessings,

Sabina Pettitt
Founder of Pacific Essences®
M. Ed., Dr. TCM

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