A personal story about Pacific Essences' 33 Day Abundance Program

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Twice this year I have felt called to do the 33 day Abundance Program.  I am just finishing the second one and am astonished at how the cards show up.  When I am really not paying attention to my inner guidance for instance I get the same card 4 out of 5 days and this is after shuffling three times  by riffling the cards and then shuffling 3 more times hand to hand. 


Day 33 abundance card

I love the process of getting a message which improves the quality of my life even just for today.  I love the synchronicity of pulling the same card repeatedly and knowing that I am getting the same card because I just haven’t got the message yet = I’m not listening to my inner voice.  For instance in the Abundance 33 I am just completing I got the message “The Direction for My Path Arises Out of Stillness.”  The image is of a young child curled up like a cocoon and practicing stillness by listening to the heart beat of Mother Earth.  I deliberately and consciously went and sat under some of the trees which Michael planted on this land which was clear cut when we first arrived in 2000.  My breathing immediately shifted indicating a parasympathetic response = recalibrating my Body/Mind to zero point =  potential for equilibrium and equanimity.


When we created the Abundance cards, I understood that they were designed to be used as a 33 Day Abundance Program that was serendipitous and intuitive.  The directions we were given at the time was to define an outcome you wanted to achieve and then to make an “I am” statement about how you would feel when that outcome was manifest.  Then you would just pick a card every day for 33 days, follow the directions for anchoring and record in your journal. The cards are gentle reminders that in any given moment we can choose a different response to whatever is in front of us and seemingly causing us any kind of distress.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there are 7 internal pernicious influences which cause dis-ease.  Essentially they are the 7 emotional states which create dis-harmony and imbalance in the Body/Mind.  They are anger, joy = (excitement), worry, pensiveness, sadness, fear, and shock.  And if any of these emotions are sustained over a period of time they can result in serious illness.  So in my personal experience it has been useful to find tools which will help me to not only recognize when I am emotionally ‘stuck’ but will also assist me to shift whatever emotion I am experiencing.  And while of course I use essences to shift states of being I find that picking an Abundance Card at the beginning of the day and maybe using the Abundance Spray and taking the Abundance Essence is an empowering way to set my inner compass to navigate through whatever challenges the day might bring.


The other thing I have learned this year is to set my intention as a state of being and not as a specific outcome I want.  So for instance for the program I am just completing my “I am” statements were.  “I am present.”  I am happy.”  “I am curious”.  This way of using the cards has completely ‘up-levelled’ the experience for me.  The message for the day becomes my navigation tool to be present, to be happy, and to be curious.  And the results have been astonishing inasmuch as I have been less worried and angry about the situation which has caused me some distress.  I like this result because in fact we only ever have this moment and we are constantly forgetting that fact.


Another reason for being diligent about maintaining equanimity within ourselves is that this is the only place where we have any power to change anything – both the quality of our own life and the quality of life around us.  If we acquire the ability to shift our responses in this moment of seeming chaos on our planet we will no doubt have an impact on restoring balance and well-being for Mother Earth as well.


Sabina and Shiva

With love and blessings

Sabina Pettitt


With love and blessings





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