Flowing into Wellbeing - The Profound Power of Sea Essences

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Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water.
Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible, nothing can surpass it.
Verse 78 – Tao Te Ching

This month I want to share more information about working with our precious Sea Essences, or as I like to call them – Gifts from the Sea.

Coral, for example, looks like a human brain. So if I were to be dealing with a patient who had just suffered a stroke, Coral would be one of the first Essences I would consider. If I were seeing a patient with heart problems, I would definitely test for Jellyfish – this is because a jellyfish has four chambers, just like the human heart, and because a jellyfish is flexible, soft and transparent. If I were seeing a patient with depression, I would pull out Dolphin because wherever I have been on the planet when I say the word Dolphin, people light up. Chiton looks very much like the cervical spine and moves infinitely slowly. It happens to be really good for neck injuries, as well as for softening really tight muscles.


Brown Kelp can have a stipe (imagine a stem or a stalk) which can be over 30 metres long and ends in the holdfast (imagine roots) which connects it to the ocean floor. Easy to see why this Essence might help us to tap into the unconscious. Sponge looks like the nephrons of our physical kidneys and provides a similar function of filtering out impurities in the organism just as our kidneys filter out waste in our body fluids.

That being said, while we can read the signatures of the Essence source and match symptoms to them, the reality is that each one of us is a unique system of energy and information. For this reason, working with Essences is never the same as taking aspirin for a headache (for instance).  Essences can best be understood and appreciated through the lens of Physics rather than the lens of Chemistry, because Physics is the study of the phenomena of energy and matter.

In the early 90s a British medical doctor, Rob Jacobs, attended one of my first UK classes on Essences. Afterward, he sent me these images of his patients’ responses to some of our Sea Essences as seen through Kirlian photography. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at these fascinating images even if they may appear to be rudimentary.



Even when we are just holding an Essence, there can be a visible shift in our energy field that demonstrates more coherence and harmony in our Body/Mind. And balance, coherence, and harmony are the keys to wellbeing.



You will notice that most of these images refer to Sea Essences. When we made the very first Sea Essence on the planet in 1985, the first thing I noticed was rapid shifts in consciousness for people who took them.

Curious to learn more? Listen to the person who took the first Sea Essence here:

Accompanying those shifts in consciousness often came physical healing or some kind of ease or ‘feeling good.’  For instance, I always take Barnacle to a childbirth because inside that sharp and rigid shell is a fragile being who braves the tumultuous surf to access food in the ocean. It’s kind of how labour and delivery is - you just have to trust and to allow a force bigger than you to take over. Barnacle Essence has not only assisted many mothers to deliver their babes with greater ease, but it also helps us to connect with our anima, or female soul, as defined by Carl Jung and to heal our relationship with our female parent.

In fact, I think that another reason that the Sea Essences might be readily bioavailable for us is that most of us spend the first nine months of our lives floating in amniotic fluid – a medium which has almost identical properties to sea water. Even with dramatic shifts in consciousness which often occur when working with Sea Essences, there is also a comfortable nurturing familiarity for us when we take a Sea Essence. And feeling good is often the beginning of profound healing at every level of our Body/Mind.

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