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What if the life journey you are on was 100% chosen by you?  And you forgot?

A few days after I wrote the last blog and mentioned my mother, my grandmother and my great grandmother in the context of happy memories, I realized that I had an amazing childhood.  I was flooded with gratitude and then realized that I don’t often hear people talking about the happiness they have experienced.  It’s as if we are somehow self conscious about sharing the good stuff that we have  experienced.  Or maybe we simply believe that we have no happy memories from our childhood.

I seem to recall reading a Stanford study about a group of people who were asked to choose between a pain button and a pleasure button.  Surprisingly a higher percentage chose the pain button.  The researchers asked what that was about and came up with the notion that our Judeo-Christian tradition prescribes suffering as a means to ultimate fulfillment.  Or that perhaps we have a mass belief that we have to experience pain before we can fully enjoy pleasure.  Whatever the explanation, I think we all need to deliberately disengage from “mass consciousness” and deliberately make choices which bring fulfillment into our life experience. 
I remember attending an Alpha training workshop with a guy called Verl Minto (Alpha Awareness Training encompasses cybernetics, positive thinking, meditation, motivation, goal-structuring, and extra-sensory awareness to teach people how to direct and control their lives with success, happiness, and peace of mind.) and he said that the only thing he remembered about his childhood was the day his dog died, the day his father’s house burned down and the day he backed his father’s brand new Plymouth convertible into the potato patch.  After beginning to practice Alpha, he discovered happy memories.  He further suggested that if we made a conscious effort to retrieve happy memories, we would find some.

Well in my case above I did not have to search for them, they just bubbled up by surprise and it made me feel good.  And as I noticed how good I felt and how grateful I was, more happy memories surfaced.  By the end of the day I was feeling incredibly blessed and very grateful.
I realized that ‘the better it gets, the better it gets.’  I guess it’s the principle of attraction and attractors and what we put our attention on gets bigger.  We can’t “fake” it, but we can definitely cultivate it.  We can pause for a moment in the busy-ness of our lives and pick a thought which is pleasing and see where it leads.  This is where essences can assist.  Each individual essence has a unique vibration and energy pattern or Resonance which can gently shift us in a direction of greater peace, greater happiness, greater well-being.


Ox-Eye Daisy

For example Ox-Eye Daisy which is blooming abundantly in my world in this moment gives us the gift of Perspective and the capacity to see things differently or to grasp the bigger picture. 





Kids Stuff Essence from Pacific Essences


Dolphin gives us the gift of Lightheartedness.  Wherever I have been in the world, if I mention Dolphin or show images of Dolphin, people immediately light up.  It is a cross cultural phenomenon – which is really cool when you also consider the possibility of people getting along with each other and dissolving separation.



Nootka Rose

Nootka Rose is also vigorously blooming right now and I have had amazing experiences with this beautiful being over the years.  In one of our early classes a student identified Nootka Rose as the Prozac of flower essences.  In my clinical practice it has been incredibly powerful to help people to dissolve and to move past the thorns of their life experience and to begin to enjoy the delicious fragrance of all the good things that they have.  Maybe that’s because the Essences will help us to move blocked energy and to dissolve habitual thought patterns which are holding us in the same old “stuck place.” But first we must claim the reality that, “I am master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.”  ~ Nelson Mandela.

I invite you to spend a few days – 11, 22, 33 or even simply 5 or 10 and come up with one positive memory from your childhood.  For however many days you choose to engage, write down the happy memory. Then notice how you feel when you decide that you are complete.
P.S.  I have no idea who originated the Life's Journey meditation.  I did it with Chuck Spezzano, Ram Dass and Wayne Dyer.  I have used it myself in many classes around the world and people have had some astonishing healing experiences when gently prompted by this notion that we are each on a journey which somehow we chose and that in every moment we get to choose again about how we want our experience to unfold.


With love and blessings

 Pacific Essences Sabina Pettit

Sabina Pettitt


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