An origin story - Abundance Essence is 30 years old!

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There are pivotal moments in everyone’s life – where we experienced something, and it changed our lives forever.

There have been many in my life but none as empowering and curious as the experience which lead to the creation of Abundance. 


It was the early 80s and we were researching the first essences in the Pacific Essences repertory.  Our research included kinesiology, simply taking the essences and noting any physical or emotional responses, independent research with an electro acupuncture machine (VEGA) to determine meridian resonances, giving them to students and clients in response to s particular challenge and then finally one day I decided to have a reading with a woman in Victoria who ‘channelled’ a couple or more different entities.  The one that came through in my reading was a being called Abraham, affectionately called Abe – and not to be confused with Abraham Hicks of current fame.  My intention in doing this reading was to substantiate what I thought we understood about the essences so far.  For instance  was Bluebell (endymion non scriptus) essence really for healing issues to do with the Lung and Kidney channels in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)?  - Things like, shyness, low energy, panic attacks?  But after Abraham concurred with over 90% of our subjective findings he said “But you must make a prosperity essence.  It will go far and wide and help many people.”  Even as I heard these words I felt the resistance in my body and my thoughts screaming – “That’s not me.  That’s not my job.”


However, in gratitude for all the other information in the reading and in honour of the work of our friend and the entity she channelled we did go so far as to make the essence as described by Abraham in the reading and then labelled it Prosperity and put it on the shelf with all the other Mother essences.  It was not until 5 or 6 years later that I took my first drops. 


It was 1991 and Pacific Essences had volunteered to host the Second International Flower Essence conference here in Victoria.  I was also finishing my last year of Acupuncture school and preparing to write the Provincial Board exams to become a licensed health professional.  We had engaged the University of Victoria’s conference services to manage all the logistics of registration, accommodation, scheduling etc. and so we didn’t really have our finger on the pulse of the financial matters.  One night when I was studying and simultaneously feeling a little bit concerned that we were ‘on the hook’ for all these expenses, I looked over at the shelf of Mother essences and saw the Prosperity bottle and felt called to take a couple of drops. 


In the moment something shifted.  I’m not sure what but definitely I was able to return to the task at hand of memorizing acupuncture points instead of worrying about what kind of debt we might be in after the conference.  I continued to take drops every night when I was studying just because it felt good.  The conference days arrived in June and we had attracted over 235 participants from all over the world to a conference without internet and social media and on a topic which was little known at that time.


But the real surprise came in September when the University conference services sent us a cheque for our share of the profits.  What a surprise!  And it gave us more than enough money to publish the first book about Pacific Essences.  When I shared our unexpected abundance with our dear friend David, he asked well what did you do.  And I could think of nothing special except taking the Prosperity drops every night which at the time I thought was to help me stay focused so that I would not fail my exams and have to mortgage our home to pay conference expenses.  In hindsight I believe that I was unwittingly tapping into one of the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success (Deepak Chopra) which to paraphrase says – put out your intention and then let the universe handle the details.


I started sharing the essence with people in our circle who were facing some kind of challenge or wanted more of something in their lives.  Every single person had an amazing result.  Word began to filter out and by Christmas of 1991, the astrologer Donna Cunningham rang me and asked when we were going to release the new essence.  I was completely perplexed and said “What new essence?” And she said the one you made for success and abundance.”  I told her I was not going to ‘release it’ and that I was just giving it to people who needed to get past some hurdle in their life or manifest something new in their life.  And when she persisted in asking why I wouldn’t release it, I blurted out “because it’s not a healing essence.”  She challenged me – “How can you say that when so many people are suffering because of some kind of scarcity in their lives – poor health, unhappy relationships, lack of financial resources?  People are killing themselves because of their investment in scarcity.”


I heard her.  And thus the Abundance essence was born.  Because I really did not want people to think they were magic drops whereby they could take a couple and go out and buy a lottery ticket and all their problems would dissolve, I felt compelled or perhaps just ‘guided’ to create a program to help people to ‘re-frame’ their reality.  I knew immediately that it had to be 22 days because 22 is a Master number in numerology for creating a structure and I knew it had to be a tool for examining  and erasing fundamental beliefs which were preventing someone from living the life of their dreams.  And I knew that it needed to have an essential oil aromatherapy associated with it as well as the essence drops so that every time someone smelled that fragrance they would further ‘anchor’ abundance into their consciousness.


Just a few weeks ago I had that moment of realization that now in 2022 the Abundance Program is 30 years old.  It has helped so many people around the world to realize more of their potential and to manifest the life they want.  It has interfaced at so many different levels – physical challenges, relationship challenges, financial challenges.  Indeed over the past 30 years the Abundance essence has proved itself over and over again to be a healing essence at every possible level.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it is understood that every person has their own unique purpose to fulfill in a lifetime and when we as therapists see illness at the physical, emotional or mental levels of our patients that there is dissonance somewhere in the Body/Mind which is creating the dis-ease.  A non-alignment with Being will create all sorts of illness.


Even more today when everyone is so externally connected and possibly disconnected from their inner world, I think that giving oneself the gift of stepping back for 22 days and focusing on what you really want and the unconscious barriers that may be preventing you from manifesting your heart’s desire, is a priceless gift to yourself and will no doubt contribute substantively to your health and well-being.


With a heart full of gratitude to Shaari and Abraham for opening me to sharing  the infinite possibility in every precious moment……………………


With love and blessings

 Pacific Essences Sabina Pettit

Sabina Pettitt



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