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Grass Widow
Grass Widow

Grass Widow

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  • Resonance:   Freedom
  • Key Challenges:   Fear-of being judged, Limited thinking, Mass consciousness, Hypersensitivity, Food intolerances
  • Key Attractors:   Self-determined, Willpower, Wisdom, Letting go
  • Planes:   Physical, Emotional, Mental


For releasing old beliefs and limiting patterns


Grass Widow

sisyrinchium douglasii

Essences (Realm) Flower Essences
Resonance Freedom
Key Attractors Self-determined
Key Challenges Fear of being judged
Meridians Stomach, Large Intestine
Chakras Heart
Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual Fear of being judged
Chakra Heart
Meridian Stomach
Meridian Large Intestine
Digestive System food intolerances
Mass Consciousness able to disengage from beliefs of others
Fear of being separate from the group
Choice ability to release limiting patterns
Wisdom accessing inner wisdom
Persistence to let go of old beliefs
Willpower to let go of old beliefs
Releasing beliefs
Releasing the past
Letting go of limiting beliefs and attitudes
Freedom as a result of releasing limiting beliefs

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Length x Width x Height
10 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm

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