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  • Resonance:   Meditation
  • Key Challenges:   Stress, Mental chaos, Confusion
  • Key Attractors:   Calm, Inner peace, Consciousness
  • Planes:   Mental, Spiritual


Brings you into an atmosphere of peace, strength and confidence and helps you relax, be grounded and centred, let go and open the door of your subconscious.




Essences (Realm) Aromatherapy
Resonance Meditation
Key Attractors Inner Peace, Calm, Access to Higher states fo consciousness
Key Challenges Stress, Mental chaos and confusion
Meridians Bladder, Gall Bladder, Heart, Heart Protector, Kidney, Large Intestine, Liver, Lung, Small Intestine
Chakras Back Head, Crown, Forehead, Heart, Root/Basic, Sacral/Sex, Solar Plexus, Spleen, Third Eye/Ajna, Thr
Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual Meridian Kidney
power struggles
Chakra Sacral/Sex
Meridian Bladder
Chakra Heart
Chakra Spleen
Meridian Spleen
Meridian Small Intestine
Meridian Gall Bladder
Chakra Root/Basic
Meridian Large Intestine
Meridian Lung
Chakra Forehead
Chakra Third Eye/Ajna
Meridian Liver
Meridian Stomach
Chakra Solar Plexus
Chakra Back Head
Meridian Heart
Meridian Heart Protector
Chakra Throat
Chakra Crown


Length x Width x Height
9 cm x 2 cm x 2 cm

Pacific Essences® are safe and easy to use. They support a return to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance.