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A New World of Hope

A New World of Hope

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Special Limited Edition Essence

We are deeply honoured to have been asked to create a special limited edition essence for the people of Japan to commemorate the abdication of the emperor of Japan and the beginning of a new age with the coronation of his son. Below is the name they gave us to work with and a description of the intention.

息吹 (Ibuki) means to breathe something into or inspire something. The concept is to breathe a new beginning into the world. The images are bringing hope, rejuvenation, uplifting, and supporting one's direction or one's path in mission.

I mentioned this request to Sue, our Director of Sales and Marketing, and she suggested cherry blossom but not the cherry blossom we already have in the tree kit but a cherry blossom made from trees in Victoria which originally came from Japan. I tuned in and this seemed like a great idea and I immediately also received that it must be added to the Mother Tree essence.

When we sent the image of the label our fabulous graphics guy, Alan, had made, these are the words we got back from our distributor: 

“Thank you very much for sending images of the label and a bottle with the label on it! It is soooo beautiful that we kept watching it! This is just perfect for our new start in May! Thank you, thank you, thank you ;)”

So what does cherry blossom mean to the Japanese  people? Sakura (Japanese name of cherry blossom) are symbolic of spring, a time of renewal and also a reminder of the fleeting nature of life. So it is kind of bittersweet in that the life of a cherry blossom may be 2 weeks or less. 

This is a potent reminder to all of us that there is only NOW and that if our heart is not singing we are not living our lives to the fullest.

“In their country, the cherry blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life. It's a reminder that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but that it is also tragically short.”

It is interesting to me that when Michael and I were doing the initial research on Cherry tree essence for the Meridian Tree Kit we attuned with it as “an explosion of sensuality” and “elusive subtle energy emanating from the heart of every unique consciousness.”


Chakra: Forehead.

Meridian: Heart Protector.

Affirmation: I honour my physical incarnation.

Physical: Healthy sexuality and sensuality, Heart challenges

Emotional: Feeling, Caring, Sharing loving energy at all levels, Exuberant, Expressive

Mental: Engaged.

Key Issues: Isolation, Aloneness, Non-alignment among Physical, Emotional and Mental.


We made a new cherry blossom (sakura) essence from some trees in the Japanese Garden in Victoria. The original grafts came from trees that were gifted to Vancouver BC. The ornamental cherry trees in Victoria are reminders of the ties between communities, across time and ocean. They represent the precariousness of life, hope and fleeting beauty. The Japanese community fund raised and donated the trees to the City of Victoria. The original trees were for Beacon Hill Park and were taken from grafts of the original trees gifted to the city of Vancouver by the mayors of Kobe and Yokohama. In total, Victoria’s Japanese community donated over 1013 flowering cherry trees.

We were guided to add to these pristine cherry blossoms from the Japanese Garden, some drops from the Mother Essence of the Mother Tree. While the Cherry proposes and supports full expression and joy in being physical, the Mother Tree shows the fullness of living one’s purpose. Again we are delighted to participate in this auspicious event for a country with which Michael and Sabina have a profound and loving connection.

And because we really are all connected, we really are one people, we have asked permission to share this essence for a limited time with our wider audience. As it says in the One People song – “Every little thing that you do touches me.” So we will make this special essence available for sale for 15 days only May 1 – 15 for anyone who is also dreaming of a new world of hope for their own lives or for all of us together.

11 drops orally morning and evening.


11 drops orally morning and evening.