Flower & Tree Essences

Flower essences are the unique energetic imprint of living energy in Nature. As such they have qualities that resonate with states of being - joy, self-esteem, focus, etc. Research shows that when taking an essence that unique energy speaks to the very atoms and cells of our being and gently coaxes us to absorb the frequency thus restoring harmony and balance to the Body/Mind.

The healing gifts of the flowers of the Pacific Northwest on Vancouver Island are abundant and unique, such that each of the 60 flower and tree essences in the Pacific Essences® repertory contributes a unique vibration that can assist humans to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flower essence therapy is a gentle and effective way to take care of our Body/Mind and to live fuller and more satisfying lives because we are more present and we are empowered to be the best we can be - not for anyone else but just for ourselves. These conscious living energies from Nature are given freely to enhance the health and well-being of humans.
Flower essences do really work. Apart from 35 years of case studies from around the world, there are innumerable stories of their impact on the lives and well-being of animals and small children. This in itself is irrefutable proof that essences work.
There are innumerable benefits to flower essence therapy. At the simplest level essences can help us to erase some behavior, some thought pattern or some emotion that is not life-supporting - eg. Anger and fear. On another level, flower essences help us to identify some new energy that we would like to experience in our lives - joy, peace, self-confidence, abundance = an endless list of infinite possibilities to transform ourselves and how we engage in the world.
Flower essences are made by placing freshly picked flowers in a crystal bowl filled with spring water early in the morning. The bowl is placed in the sun - the sunlight acts as a catalyst to infuse the water with the energetic imprint of the plant. The water is then mixed 50% with brandy, which acts as a preservative. This is the Mother essence, or the first dilution.