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Pacific Yew
Pacific Yew

Pacific Yew

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  • Resonance:   Defence
  • Key Challenges:   Cell Cellular intelligence, Digestion-thoughts and feelings
  • Key Attractors:   Well-being
  • Planes:   Physical, Emotional, Mental


Fortifies innate Cellular intelligence at a cell level and optimizes defense against invaders; medicinal for the Body/Mind; self help and recovery from life threatening situations



The following product data from the Pacific Essences® Repertory identifies unique Energy Medicine® vibrations which can assist humans to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Pacific Yew

Taxus brevifolia

Essences (Realm) Flower Essences
Resonance Defense
Key Attractors Cellular intelligence
Key Challenges Life threatening dis-ease
Meridians Stomach
Chakras Solar Plexus
•-• •-•


Length x Width x Height
10 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm

Pacific Essences® are safe and easy to use. They support a return to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance.