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11 Precious Jewels Kit (11 x 5 ML)

11 Precious Jewels Kit (11 x 5 ML)

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Subtle synergistic blends of pure Essential Oils and Flower, Sea and Gem Essences from Pacific Essences® which enhance the quality of our lives and nourish our souls.
Each blend has been carefully calibrated with the aromatherapy and the essence vibration that resonates with the intention of each product to provide loving care for Body/Mind and Spirit. Developed and proved by a Naturopathic physician, Dimitri Tkachenko, our student, colleague, and very dear friend. Also founder of Clinique Équilibre.

He has spent many hours coming up with the precise and effective formulas of these 11 Precious Jewels. A desirable and necessary addition to your home care Energy Medicine® chest, The 11 Precious Jewels can be used to enhance the quality of your life and your personal health and well being.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural oils to enhance psychological and physical well-being. Flower, Sea and Gem Essences help to restore equilibrium to Body/Mind and Spirit through the subtle pathways of our energy anatomy. In combination these two healing modalities can have profound impact on our ability to be well, to be happy to be whole, to be who we can be.

Over all you will notice a much greater ability ‘to be present in your life’ while some of the physical and emotional irritants which have plagued you will gently dissipate and eventually disappear.

Directions for Use of The 11 Precious Jewels:
(FOR EXTERNAL USE) Apply a small amount, one to three times a day, either on the chest, on the head, behind the ears, inside the wrists, on the sole of your feet or, for a more intense and immediate effect, along the spine.


Length x Width x Height
26 cm x 10 cm x 4 cm

Pacific Essences® are safe and easy to use. They support a return to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance.